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Business Links

APA Style Guide

Avoiding Plagiarism


Business Environment

Forms of business organization


Sustainable Development

Business Publications Search

Closed-end Mutual Funds



The Difference Between Money and Wealth by David C. Korten
Wealth by Andrew Carnagie
Economies for Life by David C. Korten
Ownership Matters by Ted Howard
Can corporations be trusted? Debate between Peter Knight and David Korten
Changing corporate culture by John Elkington  (Sustainability)
The role of the state in economic growth by Erik S. Reinert
Situational Management—A management tool for turbulent times by Darrell K. Rigby

Exploring the Myth of the Free Market  by Marjorie Kelly 


Business Ethics

A Question of EthicsStanford Graduate School of Business
How Business Can Be Good  (And Why Being Good is Good for Business)  by Jeffrey L. Seglin
An Ethic for the New Global Economy
Doing Well by Doing Good
   from The Economist

Business and Social Responsibility

The Social Responsibility of Business: A Review  by Maz Demosthenous
The Social Responsibility Of Business Is To Increase Its Profits
  by Milton Friedman
Measuring social responsibility  by Laurent Leduc

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility - News and Resources
Ethical Corporation
Profits with a Conscience by Gary Hirshberg
Limits To The Social Responsibility Of Business by David C. Korten
Arguments against Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility - What does it mean?

Social Responsibility Audit Articles

Leading the Way to Fairer Trade Practices by Marjorie Kelly

Business and the Environment

A Vintage Cleanup—Fetzer Winery, by Marjorie Kelly
It's Not Easy Being Green by Jess McCuan
Ben's Big Flop  by Edward O. Welles
Environmentally PC--Rumarson Technologies Inc. (RTI)  By Sarah Schafer
Pollution Prevention and Sustainable Business Practices Web Site

International Business

International Business Culture and Etiquette Guides


    A Guide to the Enron Collapse By Darren Puscas
    Corporate Social Responsibility - Companies in the News: Enron
    Guardian Unlimited - Various Enron acticles
    The ENRON Collapse;  Creative Accounting, Wrong Economics or Criminal Acts? by Djanicelle J Barreveld
    Inside Look - Analysis From All Angles: Enron

Human Resources

    Human Resource Basics
   Human Resources Management  
    Suite 101 Human Resources sites
    Legal Guidelines for Hiring Employees

Journals\Web Sites

Justice in the Culturally Diverse Workplace:  Problems of Over-Emphasis and Under-Emphasis of Cultural Differences  by Su, Morris & Leung (or view the pdf version)


Marketing Basics
Marketing Ideas, Language of marketing, the 4 P's, etc.
Marketing Basics
Marketing Basics, Blunders to avoid, etc
The Marketing Concept and an Overview of Core Concepts
Marketing Principles, History and the Marketing Plan
Marketing - positioning, strategies, segmentation, niches's guide to Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing Basics from

Culture-sensitive adaptation or global standardization
by Martin van Mesdag

Operations Management

    Operations Management
    Operations Management Resources, Organizations, Publications, etc
    The Essence of Just-In-Time by Steven J. Spear

Risk Management 

Risk Analysis and Risk Management in an Uncertain World by Howard Kunreuther
The Role of Insurance in Managing Extreme Events: Implications for Terrorism Coverage by Howard Kunreuther

E-Commerce / Business

E-Commerce, On-line Marketing, etc
Online Business: Starting Online
How E-commerce Works
  by Marshall Brain
Understanding Digital Markets—Review and Assessment by Smith, Bailey, Brynjolfsson
E-Commerce Starter Kit  INC. Magazine


The New World Ahead: The Internationalization of Accounting Rules
by David Damant
The Relation Between Auditor's Fees for Non-Audit Services and Earnings Quality by Richard M. Frankel, Marilyn F. Johnson, and Karen K. Nelson (or view pdf here)


Ohio State's Virtual Finance Library
Investing - MSN Money Central's Market Updates and Financial News Center

The Motley Fool Financial Advisors


Information Technology

Information Technology How-to Guide from


Leadership Strategies How-to Guide from
Size is Not a Strategy by Keith H. Hammonds

Business Statistics

Topics in Statistical Data Analysis: Revealing Facts from Data  by Hossein Arsham


    Basic Management Skills by Gerard M. Blair
    Groups that work
    Presentation Skills
    Time Management
    Managing People
    Project Planning 

    The Management Institute
    Leader to Leader: Complete Text Articles

Corporate Governance

The Corporate Library
Democracy and Infomediaries by Mark Latham

Ways to Make Management More Accountable - Part One of Two

Ways to Make Management More Accountable - Part Two of Two


The Wall Street Journal's Startup Journal - Center for Entrepreneurs - Marketing 101

Inc.Com's How-to Guide to Starting a Business



Essential Principles of Economics: A Hypermedia Text  by Roger McCain 
Human Society and the Global Economy - Kit Taylor's online survey course/textbook
Is there anything new to be said after Adam Smith, Marx, Walras and Keynes? By Anghel N. Rugina



Power and Accountability  by Robert Monks and Nell Minow
The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith
An Introduction to Investment Theory  by William N. Goetzmann

Investing 101

The Emperor's Nightingale: Restoring the Integrity of the Corporation in the Age of Shareholder Activism by Robert Monks
The New Global Investors
by Robert Monks
When Corporations Rule the World
by David C. Korten

The Betrayal Of Adam Smith by David C. Korten

Assault Of The Corporate Libertarians
by David C. Korten
For The Love Of Money
by David C. Korten
"Global Water Lords" - Blue Gold: The Battle Against Corporate Theft of the World's Water
by Tony Clarke and Maude Barlow

"Emergent Water Cartel" - Blue Gold: The Battle Against Corporate Theft of the World's Water by Tony clarke and Maude Barlow

Creating and Maintaining an Ethical Corporate Climate
- Woodstock Theological Center Seminar in Business Ethics
Fumbling the Future:  How Xerox Invented, then Ignored, the First Personal Computer
by Douglas Smith and Robert Alexander

The Basics of Finance:  Financial Tools for Non-Financial Managers
  by Bryan E Milling
Down to Earth Management:  A Guide for Real Life Managers
  by Robert M Coquillette
Guaranteeing Management Success  by Edward D Boston

Strategic Management: Core Concepts from the Internet
  by Brian C Satterlee
Business and Human Rights in a Time of Change
  by Christopher L. Avery
Sunzi on the Art of War and its General Application to Business
  by M.W. Luke Chan & Bingfu Chen

The Death of Competition
by James F. Moore

CEO Compensation

           Forbes CEO Compensation

Cases and Scandals

        Corporate Governance Scandals
        Business Ethics Case - Bluebird Smelter Case
        On-the-Job Fetal Injuries - Johnson Controls, Inc.
        Odwalla and the E-coli outbreak

        Johnson & Johnson and Tylenol 

        Exxon Mobil and the Exxon Valdez  

        Snow Brand Milk  

        Nike factories 

        British Petroleum 

        Accidental Death  

Annual Reports

Search Barron's Annual Report database alphabetically, by industry, or by company name
SEC Filings from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Mutual Funds Prospectuses

Barron's Mutual Fund Database

Investor Resources

          MSN MoneyCentral
The Motley Fool
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Investor Information
The Investor's Clearinghouse Investor Education
Investing in
The Investment FAQ

MarketWatch Big Charts - stock quotes
Kiplinger Personal Financial Advice
Reuters Stock Information
Fund Alarm mutual fund help
Standard & Poor's Ratings
Zacks Investment Research
The Wall Street Journal Markets
AOL Time Warner Investor Relations

CBS Market Watch from DOW Jones

The Wall Street Journal's Guide to Stock Markets