On Art History

Chelsea Embree, “Graffiti: It Is The Lorax, It Speaks for the Streets”

On Film

Sean Nolan, “Critical Impotency in Reaction to Cuarón’s Y Tu Mamá También

Sean Nolan, “[Excerpts from] Gendered Triads and Psycho Ballet: Black Swan’s Narrative Revision for the Swan Lake Score”

On History

Celinda Davis, “Medicine On the Frontier:

A Historiographical Understanding”

On Literature

Chelsea Embree, “Distortion and Invalidation: Performance in O’Connor’s Women”

Chelsea Embree, “Teasing Out Whitman”

Tyler Oakey, “Angels, Virgins, and Whores: Women’s Sexuality in the Novels of Charles Dickens”

Christopher Poore, “‘bodies which are and are not ours’: The Uses and Anti-Uses of the Regular Line in Chronic

Michelle Steffens, “Wordsworth and the Syntheses of Time: A Deleuzian Reading of ‘Tintern Abbey’”

On Religious Studies

Christopher Poore, “Reconciling the Irreconcilable: Jungian Psychoanalysis, Orthodoxy, and Catholicism”


Volume 16.1 (Fall 2013/Winter 2014)

About The Common Room

Founded in 1997, The Common Room is an electronic journal sponsored by the Department of English and devoted to publishing critical essays on literature from any disciplinary area. Any Knox College student can submit work to the journal for publication consideration.



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Pilot Issue, Spring 1997

Howard Wilson Prize Essays:

Benjamin Casten, Infinite Riches

    in a Small Room

Mike McNamara, Into Something

    Rich and Strange

Kathryn Stinson, Complementarity

    and the Voice of the Permeable

    Self in the Works of Virginia


Lindsay Nicole Symmonds,

    Silencing Female Power