Knox College Faculty Development


The mission of Faculty Development at Knox College is to offer comprehensive support for faculty in all facets of their professional development: to help faculty refine and realize their own goals in the areas of teaching, scholarly and creative work, advising and service, and campus leadership. We assume that the challenges and rewards of an academic career stem from the potential for continued learning and growth at all times and in all areas of work. We also assume that our students and the academic world we inhabit are constantly evolving. Our aim is to help faculty meet the challenges of this ever-changing environment.



Danielle Fatkin, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Associate Professor of History

Natalie Clark, Administrative Assistant to the Associate Deans


Previous Faculty Development Coordinators

Mary Armon, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs (2016-2020)

Michael A. Schneider, Professor of History and Associate Dean for Faculty Development (2012-2016)

Penny S. Gold, Professor of History and Faculty Development Coordinator (2002-2007)

Frank McAndrew, Professor of Psychology and Faculty Development Coordinator (2000-2002)


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Updated July 2020