Resources for Advisors


This page brings together advising resources that are shared with advisors at the annual advising workshop, during faculty development events, faculty meetings, and at other events throughout the year.



Student Learning Goals for Advising

Students will identify College resources, including their academic advisors, and external resources for expanding the variety of their college experiences and addressing problems that invariably arise.

Students will develop basic familiarity with College graduation requirements so that they can contrast various academic pathways open to them and chart an academic agenda from both short and long term perspectives.

Students will analyze their academic interests and motives, scholastic strengths and weaknesses, and lifelong ambitions with the aim of selecting courses, majors and minors, and other special opportunities to enhance their educations.

Students will engage in intentional planning and reflection to construct an individualized Educational Plan that articulates personal and scholastic goals and analyzes how their academic choices can help them achieve these goals.

Students will formulate strategies for navigating life after graduation with autonomy and purpose.


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Tools for Advising Meetings

2017-2018 Advising Handbook (PDF)

Quick Guide to Using Docushare 
Online advisee files.

Advisee Information Sheet 
Useful for getting to know your new advisees.

Graduation Requirements Checklist - post-2014 (To share with advisees: doc version
The Knox education on one sheet with new QSR requirement.

Graduation Requirements Checklist - pre-2014 (To share with advisees: doc version
The Knox education on one sheet prior to new QSR requirement.

Four-Year Advising Calendar (To share with advisees: pdf version)
What you should be discussing with your advisees at each meeting.

Educational Plan Guide (html) (To share with advisees: doc version
Your advisees can use this form to complete their Educational Plans.
A less intimidating version from the Registrar's page.

Learning Accommodation FAQs : With a sample Accommodation Letter and sample syllabus statements.


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Off-Campus Study Information

Off-Campus Study Preparation and Planning Timeline 
It is never too early to start planning for off-campus study.

Tips on Making Off-Campus Study Affordable


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Career Placement, Special Fellowships, Etc.

Bastian Family Career Center Information Sheet

Career Planning Resources for Advisors

"Advising For Opportunity" - Fellowships and Scholarships for your advisees. Start them early down the path of success.


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July 2016