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We're remote! April 1, 2020



Preparing to Go Online: A Knox Guide

Preparing to Go Online How-To Guide: Our Knox-specific guide that introduces the process of thinking and planning for going online.

Many excellent resources are in the "Recommended Resources" below. Two introductory resources that stand out are:

Join your colleagues in the Slack discussion groups. What is Slack? (youtube)


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Primary Tools

ITS Remote Resources Page: Our basic toolkit of supported resources, plus a full list of home internet options.

Instructors should expect to use four basic tools:

  1. A learning management platform: Moodle or Google Classroom.

    Managing a Moodle Course: A User's Guide

    Google Classroom and Meet

  2. A videoconferencing/video meeting platform: Google Meet or WebEx.

  3. A direct communication tool: Email or Moodle Announcements.

  4. Google Drive and associated applications.

Video Tutorials: A folder of Links and Videos for ITS Resources


Seymour Library's Remote Resources Guide for Instructors
         FYI: The student-facing Remote Resources page.



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Recommended Resources

First, some in-house guides that will be helpful across disciplines:

Cate Denial's History Department Guide to Going Online
Not just for historians, but an excellent case of departmental planning.

John Dooley, The Big Picture
Sage advice from our colleague. Starts with the big picture and then discusses implementation strategies.



A full page of Recommended Resources: getting started, teaching tips, free resources, apps, and more.


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Online FAQs

Answers to questions that have been submitted to the Submission Portal or asked elsewhere.

Updated List of FAQs


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April 2020