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Building Inclusive Classrooms

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Workshops and Faculty Development Events


Fall Conversation, September 2019:

The annual Fall Conversation centered around inclusive classrooms; breaksout groups discussed anecdotes from Knox students and brainstormed inclusive practices for the first day of class.

FOX Course/FP Workshop, June 2019:

If you teach first-years in any of your courses, it's worth considering these course components to support first-year success.

Inclusivity Discussion Groups 2017 - 2018:

In December 2017, faculty discussion groups met to engage Ta-Nehisi Coates' We Were Eight Years in Power and related articles; in March 2018, groups met to discuss Tod Lending's documentary "All the Difference".

Faculty Diversity Workshops 2015:

A result of a faculty mandate for more inclusivity training opportunities, these workshops brought themes and materials presented at the 2014 workshop to a wider group of faculty. The workshop materials and recommended resources are invaluable starting point for discussions in this area. See the workshop pages for these materials:

December 2015 Workshop Page

August 2015 Workshop Page



Building Inclusive Classrooms: Summer 2014 Mellon FaCE Workshop

Inclusive Workshop Website

This link leads to the website for the 2nd Summer Mellon Workshop on the 21st Century Student: Building Inclusive Classrooms.

As faculty explore new ways to engage students--in the conventional classroom and through so-called "high-impact practices" (collaborative and experiential learning, undergraduate research and capstone projects, global education)--, we discover that the community of learners is not ready-made. Our students arrive with various approaches to the academic enterprise and a variety of skills to master it, but they may be different from the ones we value highly in ourselves. The rich diversity of experiences our students bring to our classrooms presents opportunities, nevertheless, to advance our agenda for a 21st century education.

The workshop's resources provide guidance in confronting new challenges when designing courses, cultivating classroom atmosphere, crafting course assignments, providing effective feedback, and addressing the host of other features of curricular design.

Faculty Voices

Faculty Voices

The campus conversations during Spring Term 2014 indicated, among many things, that we may not successfully communicate the value we attach to an inclusive and supportive educational experience at Knox, even when that is precisely the goal to which we aspire. These short statements, produced by the workshop participants, express in no uncertain terms the faculty's unwavering commitment to the goal of inclusion and the professional and pedagogical development necessary to achieve it.



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Learning Accommodations

- information from The Office of Disability Support Services

- external resources recommended by The Office of Disability Support Services
(From DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology), a grant funded program through the University of Washington.)


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Summer Common Reading

The Summer Common Reading is feature of New Student Orientation and First-Year Preceptorial. Selected by a committee of faculty, staff, and students, the reading reflects the interests and needs of the Knox community.

Summer Common Reading 2018

Summer Common Reading 2017

Summer Common Reading 2016

Summer Common Reading 2015


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External Resources

Chronicle of Higher Education Advice Guide  "How to Make Your Teaching More Inclusive"

Some content requires subscription login through the Knox Library page

From Stanford University's "Tomorrow's Professor" newsletter Evidence-Based Strategies for Mitigating Stereotype Threat




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