Professional Development Opportunities in Religious Studies            

Financial support is available for faculty projects in Religious Studies, made possible by a gift from Knox Trustee Mary Kent Knight. Examples of fundable activities include:

  • Course Development:  Faculty receiving awards will be expected to offer the course by the end of the 2016/2017 academic year.
    • Grants for faculty who have some relevant background to teach the proposed course, but not so much expertise that it would be comparable to the routine development of a course in your own field: 
      • For a new course in Religious Studies, either to be cross-listed or offered solely as RELS.
      • For a significant re-design of an existing course, not currently listed in Religious Studies, so that it includes a substantial component on religion.

Stipends ($1,000) are available for course development projects; additional funding may be requested for book purchases (for oneself and/or the library), or other expenditures needed to develop the course. 

  • Grants for courses that fall in the category of “routine development of a course in your own field,” with support in the form of a personal book allowance of $500 (plus a similar amount for library purchases, if needed):
    • For significant revision to a currently existing RELS course.
    • For development of a new RELS course in an area in which you already have expertise.
  • Research:  e.g., purchase of materials, travel to libraries, etc.
  • Other Professional Development:  e.g., language learning, conference fees for a professional meeting related to religious studies, etc.


Proposals for courses (new or revised) should include:

  • a description of the new or revised course and its potential role in enhancing the program in Religious Studies.
  • a description of your qualifications to develop and teach such a course.
  • a description of what you will need to do to prepare the new course or revisions, a timetable for the work, and the year in which you expect to offer the course
  • consideration of the possible suitability of the course as a First-Year Preceptorial offering. (Such an FP course would not be cross-listed in Religious Studies, but would still make an important contribution to teaching about religion at Knox.)   
  • an explanation of how the course will be integrated into your teaching roster in the future. (Would it be alternated with a currently offered course? Would a course need to be dropped?)
  • a letter from your department chair, indicating support for your project and for any staffing/scheduling changes that may result. 


Proposals for research or other professional development should include:

  • a detailed description of the project/activity and how it will contribute to Religious Studies at Knox
  • a description of your qualifications for the work to be undertaken
  • a timetable for the work
  • a budget for funds requested


Proposals should be sent to Tammie Dillow ( in the Dean’s office by Monday, January 4, 2016, for Winter and Spring awards. Another announcement will be made in Spring 2016 for the next round of awards. Proposals will be reviewed by faculty in the Religious Studies program and the Dean.