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2013-2014: issue #1 - September 3, 2013

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Denial, Making Marriages
By Catherine Denial, History
Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2013.

The debate over the meaning of marriage in the United States and specifically in Minnesota is not a recent development. From 1820 to 1845, when the first significant numbers of Americans arrived in the region now called Minnesota, they carried the belief that good government and an orderly household went hand in hand. The territorial, state, and federal governments of the United States were built upon a particular vision of civic responsibility: that men, as heads of households, enter civic life on behalf of their dependents-wives, children, servants, and slaves. These dependents were deemed unfit to make personal decisions or to involve themselves in business and government-and they owed labor and obedience to their husbands, fathers, and masters.

These ideas clashed forcibly with the conceptions of kinship and social order that existed among the Upper Midwest's long-established Dakota, Ojibwe, and mixed-heritage communities. In resisting the new gender and familial roles advocated by military personnel, Indian agents, and missionaries, the region's inhabitants frustrated American attempts to transform Indian country into a state. Indeed, many Americans were forced to compromise their own beliefs so that they could put down roots.

Through the stories of married-and divorcing-men and women in the region, Catherine J. Denial traces the uneven fortunes of American expansion in the early nineteenth century and the nation-shaping power of marital acts.

New Faculty Development Newsletter, Website, and Calendar

The Faculty Development Newsletter returns with this issue. Simultaneously, we are once again updating the Faculty Development website. Our aim is to provide a unified and comprehensive source of information concerning the faculty development resources and opportunities available at the College. In lieu of an irregular stream of announcements over the faculty distribution list, the Faculty Development Newsletter will compile important news into a single biweekly publication. Faculty development news and announcements will be posted on the website's news scroll as soon as they are available to us. Please check out the site. You can also subscribe to the "Faculty Development Google Calendar," which includes all scheduled Fac Dev events and deadlines:

Research/Creative Work and Conference Travel Fund Requests Due October 1

In response to faculty requests to move up the cycle for decisions on funds for research and travel, we have moved the due date for Faculty Research and Conference Travel requests to October 1. If you are interested in applying for Funds for Research and Creative Work for the 2013-2104 academic year, please submit forms and supporting documents with facultydevelopment@knox.edu by October 1, 2013.

For Conference Travel Funds, complete the Conference Travel Request (Google Form - requires my.knox.edu login) by October 1, 2013. We will accept applications after that date for plans that develop later, but we cannot guarantee that funds will be available.

Read Full Details and Find Application Forms Here

Intergroup Dialogue Workshop on Dec. 3-4 - Apply by October 1

Looking for a new way to engage students in discussions of race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, or physical ability? Searching for a new method of communication to make these conversations deeper and more productive?

Consultants from the University of Michigan's Program on Intergroup Relations will be on campus for a two-day workshop, December 3 and 4, to help us actively engage with the pedagogy of Intergroup Dialogue.

Read more about the workshop and the application process here.

Midwest Faculty Seminar Topics for 2013-2014 Announced

If you are interested in attending a seminar during the academic year, please indicate your interest to facultydevelopment@knox.edu.

Read about this year's seminars and Knox policies here.

Resources for Advising

Handouts from the Advising Workshop held on September 3 have been posted on the Faculty Development website here.