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2014-2015: Issue #10 - April 19, 2015

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You may have noticed that "liberal arts" and "liberal education" are being thrown around a lot lately in the news and in the evening talk show / book hawking circuit. (Frank Bruni and Fareed Zakaria have new entries; David Brooks and George Will can't ever stop weighing in on higher ed; all the talk of jobs and wages has reignited debate over the alleged divergence between STEM education and the liberal arts; etc.). While no one could possibly keep up with all of this chatter, it is worth our time to keep some of the public discussion of the liberal arts in view as we discuss curriculum reform.

Here is a small sample:

For voices within the academy on issues of local relevance:


TeLeTT Cafe Opens April 23

TeLeTT Cafe = Teaching and Learning Through Technology + Coffee

We are delighted to invite all faculty to visit the inaugural TeLeTT Cafe on Thursday, April 23. TeLeTT Cafe is a low-investment, high-reward, caffeine-fueled presentation about some feature of teaching with technology. Presentations are brief (15-20 minutes), the kind of presentation you would hear over a cup of coffee, which is also provided (along with tea and hot cocoa).

Please stop by one of the inaugural TeLeTT Cafes on Thursday, April 23. The topic will be:

Lynda.com - the acclaimed technology instruction website. Knox faculty now have access to the hundreds of lynda.com video courses on all things digital. To use lynda.com, you must check out a special Knox license. Emily Frakes will walk us through lynda.com basics and explain how the license check-out system works.

Visit the cafe at two times and locations this Thursday:

10:00-10:30 AM - GDH 105A, Timme Classroom

11:00-11:30 AM - Alumni Room, Old Main

Look for future TeLeTT Cafes coming soon to other locations across campus.

(TeLeTT Cafe does not have a cool logo (yet), but, thanks to The B-52's, it does have this hip theme song. Those under the age of 50 may not know that "Tell it like it T-I-S" was the catch phrase of tart-tongued comedienne LaWanda Page, "Aunt Esther" on the sitcom Sanford and Son.) 


Interim Reimbursement Procedures for Research/Creative Work and Conference Travel

While we search for a new administrative assistant for the Old Main, we request that you bring all materials related to reimbursement requests for faculty research/creative work funding, Mellon grants, and Conference Travel Allocations (CTAs) to the Dean's Office, Old Main 106. Please remember that such requests begin with the online reimbursement request forms (see the previous Newsletter). You will find an "Inbox" for expense report envelopes, conference papers, research reports, and other supporting materials in OM 106. Please be sure to provide a Travel Expenses Report envelope (where appropriate) and be sure to sign your envelope/request.


Conference Travel Allocations for 2015-2016 Fiscal Year- Online Form Now Active

The Committee on Faculty Resources announces that it is now accepting requests for Conference Travel Allocations for 2015-2016 Fiscal Year (July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016).

Direct link to Online Form for Conference Travel Allocation Requests for 2015-2016

The Conference Travel Allocations policies for 2015-2016 are here. Funding levels will remain the same for the coming fiscal year, as CoFR's current assessment is that faculty conference travel under the new CTA system will exhaust the available budget again this year. CoFR will continue to evaluate faculty conference travel and funding levels and present recommendations to the faculty.


Final Fridays @ 4 for the Academic Year: Daniel Beers - May 1 - Francois Classroom (E117), SMC

"Fridays @ 4," the faculty colloquium series, will feature Daniel Beers, Assistant Professor of Political Science, speaking on the topic "Aiding Survivors or 'Ending the Emergency'? A Case Study of International Assistance in Post-Earthquake Haiti" on Friday, May 1 in the Francois Classroom (E117), SMC. Refreshments at 4 PM and talk at 4:15 PM.

Please join us to experience and celebrate the work of our colleagues.

Want to Present at Fridays @ 4 in 2015-2016?

Please apply to present by contacting facultydevelopment@knox.edu.

All faculty are encouraged to consider presenting as part of "Fridays @ 4," the faculty's lecture series for itself. The aim of "Fridays @ 4" is to provide an opportunity for faculty to present "work in progress" in front of a supportive, interdisciplinary, non-specialist audience. Work at any stage in any field is welcome. "Fridays @ 4" is especially useful for new, experimental projects, projects that need a kick-start, or a presentation that would benefit from a dress rehearsal. "Fridays @ 4" has two presentations each term. Refreshments and camaraderie are served at each. Please contact facultydevelopment@knox.edu if you have questions or would like to present.

Funding Reminders:
Research / Creative Work Funding Requests for 2015-2016 - Apply by May 1 for Summer

The Committee on Faculty Resources announces that it is now accepting requests for funding of Faculty Research and Creative Work for 2015-2016 fiscal year (July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016).

A full description of the application process is here.

Requests submitted by May 1, 2015 are guaranteed to receive a response by June 1, 2015. Therefore, all requests involving summer activities must be submitted by May 1. 

Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Grants for 2015-2016 - Apply Now

The Committee on Faculty Resources announces that it is now accepting applications for funding of faculty pedagogy, course, and program development projects, for activities between now and March 30, 2016.

A full description of the grant categories and the application process is here.

Requests submitted by May 1, 2015 are guaranteed to receive a response by June 1, 2015. Therefore, all requests involving summer activities should be submitted by May 1. 

ACM SAIL Pre-Proposals Deadline Extended to May 30

Lead a SAIL (Seminars in Advanced Interdisciplinary Learning) seminar: short-term study-away for faculty. ACM has extended the deadline of its Call for Pre-Proposals, which seeks compelling topics and distinctive on-site experiences for the SAIL 2016 Seminar. ACM seeks faculty to propose a topic and/or issue of both individual and broad interest that is conducive to inter-disciplinary exploration and will stimulate the development of advanced-level coursework during and after the completion of the two-year seminar.

For more information on SAIL and the complete Call for Proposals, visit the ACM SAIL website.