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2013-2014: issue #13 - April 23, 2014

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Friday, April 25

Fridays @ 4: Bruce Polay
"Cutting the Cheese: a discussion of Richard Addinsell's 'Warsaw Concerto' From the 1941 British film score to 'Dangerous Moonlight'"
Kresge Recital Hall, 4 PM

As always, refreshments at 4; presentation at 4:15.

Tuesday, April 29

"Tuesdays @ 4: Finding External Grants"
See details in today's newsletter.

Thursday, May 1

Research/Creative Work Funding Requests for Summer Due
Click Here for the Online Submission Form

The Committee on Faculty Research/Resources (CoFR) is now accepting requests for Conference Travel Allocations (CTAs) for the 2014-2015 fiscal year (July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015). Please file a request for Conference Travel Allocations (CTAs) here.

Tuesday May 13

"Office Hours" for Grant Seekers
Anne-Marie Berk
Noon, Gizmo (lunch provided)

Friday, May 16

Fridays @ 4: Stuart Allison
"Ecological Restoration and Environmental Change"

Tuesday May 27

"Office Hours" for Grant Seekers
Anne-Marie Berk
Noon, Gizmo (lunch provided)

Special Newsletter on the Mellon Foundation Grant

From Dean Behling:

"The Mellon Foundation Faculty Career Enhancement Grant (FaCE) that the College recently received is devoted to enhancing and advancing teaching; allowing for the development and implementation of new pedagogies; developing interdisciplinary courses, and establishing opportunities for collaborative research, scholarship, and creative work. These grant funds are now available and detailed below. Applications will be submitted to CoFR, which will provide peer review and recommendations for funding. Funds can be used for travel, materials, and stipends, depending on the grant category.

"These grant opportunities will provide interested faculty the opportunity to implement new ideas, rethink current practices, and come together with colleagues. I will look forward to seeing what these grant funds will generate so that we can continue to celebrate the good work we do."

-- Laura                             

CoFR invites applications from all faculty for the following funding opportunities under the recently-announced Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Grant in the following categories:

  1. Summer Pedagogy Workshops
  2. Teaching with Technology
  3. Interdisciplinary Course and Program Development
  4. Immersion Term Development
  5. Interdisciplinary Course Enhancements
  6. Collaborative Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work

Summer Pedagogy Workshops: "The 21st Century Student" - Apply by May 7, 2014

The recent survey of faculty interest in summer pedagogy workshops was created to guide our planning for these workshops. Three related areas of interest emerged as clear preferences among the faculty:

(1) understanding our students as they relate to media and technology

(2) understanding our students in terms of their various and complex social identities and challenges

(3) carrying out successful classroom discussion.

Based on these findings, CoFR has recommended funding for two workshops in Summer 2014 to jointly address these concerns. The first workshop will be June 17-19, 2014, and focus on media, instructional technologies, and our students. The second in late summer (tentatively August 26-28) will tackle building inclusive classrooms for our diverse student population. Both workshops will focus on the use of classroom time for effective student participation, inclusion of different learning styles and needs, and collaborative engagement among students.

Faculty can apply to participate in one workshop or both. Participation is limited to 20 faculty for each workshop. If you have preference for one workshop over the other, please indicate this in your application. Participants in each workshop will receive a $500 stipend (which can also be used to purchase materials for teaching).

"Teaching with/in/around a World of Technology" - Monday, June 16, 1 PM to Wednesday, June 18, 4 PM

This two-and-half-day workshop will combine wide-ranging discussion of how the current generation of students interacts with media and the implications for our teaching combined with practical interaction with instructional technologies and design of appropriate assignments to use them. The schedule will include discussion of theoretical works and collaborative work on applied pedagogies for coping with what we learn as well as unstructured time to experiment with technology and applications. Participants will formulate agendas for implementing insights from the workshop during the summer. (Note: The workshop will begin Monday afternoon, June 16 instead of the morning of June 17 as originally proposed.)

Faculty at levels of tech competence / confidence are encouraged to participate.

Sample application for the Summer Pedagogy Workshops is here.

Click here to apply for the Summer Pedagogy Workshops. Applications are due May 7.

"Building Inclusive Classrooms for 21st Century Students" - August 26-28

Classroom participation and student investment in learning are the hallmarks of our liberal arts agenda. At the same time, faculty face a daunting roster of priorities and challenges when trying to achieve this agenda in our day-to-day interactions with a diverse student body. In the spirit of "keeping up" with our ever-changing students, this workshop aims to help faculty take command of these challenges and bolster confidence that we have the knowledge and understanding to make classroom interactions work for all students. Topics will include the issues that dominate higher education today (first-generation student experience, conversations among diverse identities, learning disabilities and accommodations, anxiety and other obstacles to student success) but will be refined according to the participants' interests. The workshop will include theoretical readings and discussions as well as practical advice for classroom activities, assignments, and effective grading and feedback.

Sample application for the Summer Pedagogy Workshops is here.

Click here to apply for the Summer Pedagogy Workshops. Applications are due May 7.

Pedagogy Grants: Apply by May 14, 2014

These grants support individual and collaborative projects related to pedagogy to be carried out during Summer and December 2014.

Teaching with Technology Grants

CoFR invites individual faculty requests for funding to support new initiatives in the use of technology in the classroom. Grants can support purchases of equipment, training in new technologies, and/or participation in workshops and seminars that advance your use of technology in your teaching.

Sample application for the Pedagogy Grants is here.

Click here to apply for Pedagogy Grants.

Interdisciplinary Course and Program Development Grants

Twenty awards of $1000 each (for stipends and materials) are available for faculty seeking to develop new courses with an interdisciplinary focus, revise an existing course to enhance its interdisciplinary dimension, or develop new interdisciplinary programs. Joint applications are permitted.

Sample application for the Pedagogy Grants is here.

Click here to apply for Pedagogy Grants.

Immersion Term Development Grants

Immersion terms offer a set of (typically) three interrelated courses within a single term, either on campus or with a travel component. Two grants are available to support development of new immersion term programs. Grants provide $1000 for each of three faculty (for stipends and materials) and up to $2000 for materials or other support for course design, such as travel.

Sample application for the Pedagogy Grants is here.

Click here to apply for Pedagogy Grants.

Interdisciplinary Course Enhancement Grants

Grants of up to $1500 are available to provide enhancements to interdisciplinary courses and programs. These grants could support purchase of course materials, field trips, and student collaborative research projects within interdisciplinary courses and programs.

Sample application for the Pedagogy Grants is here.

Click here to apply for Pedagogy Grants.

Grants for Collaborative Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work

Unlike the other grants above, which have specific pedagogical goals, these grants aim to enhance research and creative collaboration among faculty. Grants provide up to $2500 to support collaborate research and creative work, either among Knox faculty or among Knox faculty and other researchers, scholars, or artists in the region. Funding will help defray travel and other research costs, as well as dissemination of findings.

Requests for these grants do not have a specific form. Applications should be filed through the usual online form for Funds for Faculty Research and Creative Work. Please indicate that you are engaging in a collaborative project and provide details about the nature of the collaboration. Include specific budget details for possible use of these funds.

Reminder: For All Faculty, All Fields:
Finding External Grants: A Hands-on Workshop
Tuesday, April 29 at 4 PM, Stellyes Classroom, Basement, SMC

Led by Anne-Marie Berk, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

Searching for grants for your project or research can be daunting. At our session, you'll learn how to use SPINPlus, a powerful grant opportunity search tool you can use at any time, from any computer! Bring your grant search needs/questions and we'll go through a search or two together.

Research projects at any stage are welcome. Chairs of departments and programs, especially those with junior faculty, are also encouraged to participate.

Plus, drop in at one of two follow-up sessions (May 13 and 27) with grant director Anne-Marie Berk over lunch (provided free) at the Gizmo to learn more about SPINPlus and chat about grants.

RSVP appreciated for the first session. RSVP and provide info here.