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2013-2014: issue #16 - August 12, 2014 - Late Summer Updates

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Teaching with Technology - From the Summer Mellon Workshop


Tech Workshop Website

Thinking of teaching with more technology? Answer these questions generated by the workshop participants. Where can technology make a difference? What problem does it address? These are the sorts of questions one must confront when building a technology-based pedagogy. From the workshop website (which has additional resources listed.)


Tech Google Community Join the "Teaching With/In/Around Technology" Google Community.
Read what other faculty are discussing with regard to technology and pedagogy. You can join the community by contacting Sarah Scullin. Create a Google+ account first.


Teaching Naked

Teaching Naked
by Jose Antonio Bowen
Jossey-Bass, 2012

Thought-provoking and controversial (translation: simultaneously useful and maddening), Bowen's work was required reading for the Mellon Summer Workshop for a simple reason: everyone is reading and talking about it. While offering an unapologetic endorsement of using more technology in teaching, Bowen makes a compelling case for using less technology in the classroom. He offers many practical suggestions as well has much to think about. On the Faculty Development Bookshelf, Seymour Library.

New Reimbursement Procedures for Faculty Grants and Conference Travel

Beginning immediately, the Assoc. Dean for Faculty Development will handle all procedures for reimbursement of expenses related to grants overseen by the Committee on Faculty Resources: Faculty Research and Creative Work Grants, Mellon Grants, and Conference Travel Allocations. Please review the reimbursement procedures for each type of grant below. Although many of the details of the reimbursement procedures remain the same, we have created some new pathways to reduce paperwork and expedite requests.

Research / Creative Work and Mellon Grant Reimbursements

To begin the reimbursement process, please complete the Faculty Funds Report and Reimbursement Request Form, 2014-2015 (my.knox login required). You will file your report on your activities under the grant here; these reports typically run from a few paragraphs to two pages.

Please submit your reimbursement request to Debie Polillo, Old Main 208. Reimbursements for travel expenses must be filed in a "Travel Expense Report" envelope along with all original receipts. Please remember to sign the envelope.

New Conference Travel Allocation Reimbursement / Survey Form

To manage conference travel reimbursement requests more efficiently and to assist CoFR in assessing the effectiveness of the newly-implemented Conference Travel Allocation system, we ask that all faculty submit a Conference Travel Reimbursement Request and Survey (my.knox login required) prior to submitting your reimbursement request.

Reimbursements for travel expenses must be filed in a "Travel Expense Report" envelope along with all original receipts. Please remember to sign the envelope. Also, please attach a copy of your paper or presentation, if appropriate. Submit requests for reimbursement to Debie Polillo, Old Main 208.

Faculty Funding Requests Timetable for 2014-2015

September 15 - Faculty Research / Creative Work Grants for 2014-2015 Fiscal Year (until June 30, 2015)

October 1 - Mellon FaCE Grant Applications in All Categories - for projects through March 2015.

January 5 - Second Round of Faculty Research / Creative Work Grants for 2014-2015 Fiscal Year (until June 30, 2015)

March 15 - Mellon FaCE Grant Applications in All Categories - for projects beginning April 2015.

April 1 - Faculty Research / Creative Work Grants for 2015-2016 Fiscal Year (beginning July 1, 2015)

Conference Travel Allocations - Apply anytime prior to conference attendance.

All application forms are on the Faculty Development Website

Fridays @ 4 for 2014-2015: Seeking Presenters

Apply to present by contacting facultydevelopment@knox.edu.

All faculty are encouraged to consider presenting as part of "Fridays @ 4," the faculty's lecture series for itself. The aim of "Fridays @ 4" is to provide an opportunity for faculty to present "work in progress" in front of a supportive, interdisciplinary, non-specialist audience. Work at any stage in any field is welcome, however, "Fridays @ 4" is especially useful for new, experimental projects, projects that need a kick-start, or a presentation that would benefit from a dress rehearsal. "Fridays @ 4" has two presentations each term. Refreshments and camaraderie are served at each. Please contact me if you have questions or would like to present.

Faculty Fellows for December Travel Courses

The Stellyes Center for Global Studies, in conjunction with the Committee on Faculty Resources, seeks to promote faculty participation in study-travel courses as a professional development opportunity. Several faculty will be leading international study-travel courses during Fall 2014, which include an overseas component during December. You may request funds to join one of these groups as a "Faculty Fellow."
  • Japan Term - Mike Schneider, Bill Young, and Chisato Kojima
  • Spanish Civil War (requires intermediate Spanish) - Toni Prado and Robin Ragan
  • Jerusalem - Danielle Fatkin and Jim Thrall
  • Cuba / Hemingway - Robin Metz and E. Carlin-Metz

Contact facultydevelopment@knox.edu immediately if interested.

Two NEH Grant Programs in the Humanities - Deadline Sept 11, 2014

Enduring Questions Grants - "supports faculty members in the preparation of a new course on a fundamental concern of human life as addressed by the humanities."

Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants - "awards relatively small grants to support the planning stages of innovative projects that promise to benefit the humanities."