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2014-2015: issue #4 - Nov. 13, 2014

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This year's book:
Claude Steele, Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do


Steele Cover

All faculty and teaching staff are invited to participate in the December Faculty Reading Group.

Jaime Spacco and David Bunde will be leading discussions of Claude Steele's Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do (Norton, 2011). Learn about the book here.

We will buy you the book. We only ask that you read it and attend the December discussion meetings. There will be two (or three, depending on interest) one hour meetings. Meetings will be during regular campus hours in December after Fall Term grades are due. Exact meeting times will be established based on participant preferences.

Use this form to request a copy of the book (paperback or ebook) and indicate meeting time preferences. (my.knox sign-in required)

We have selected this book for this year's reading group because:

  1. Everybody in academia is reading it these days. (Not always the soundest reason to read something, following the crowd looks like the right choice this time.)
  2. The work is insightful, vigorously written and defended, and thus profoundly disruptive of our thinking about the role of identity on the behavior of students and faculty in the classroom.
  3. While the book highlights daunting social and structural obstacles to achieving truly diverse and inclusive classrooms, it also suggests institutional and individual changes we can adopt in response to the impact of identity in our academic context.

All faculty from all disciplines are encouraged to participate. Participants in the August Inclusivity Workshop are also encouraged to participate. These discussions are meant to expand and elaborate on the insights generated there.

Further Reading


"Campus and Classroom Climates for Diversity"

Current issue of Diversity & Democracy, from AAC&U.

Read online here.

For All Faculty, All Fields:
External Grants "Office Hours"
Wednesday, November 19, noon to 1 PM, Gizmo

Stop by to discuss your grant questions with Anne-Marie Berk, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

Join us for lunch (provided by Faculty Development) at the Gizmo to learn more about grant searches, chat about grant planning, and receive advice on grant-writing no matter what stage of the grant-seeking process you are in.

RSVP unnecessary.

Next Midwest Faculty Seminar:
Order and Liberty in the Information Age, January 15-17, 2015

"This seminar explores the tensions between order and liberty in our information age, as well as the ways in which the proliferation of social media and other forms of techno-sociality has changed how we think about the nature of information, ownership and control. In what ways have social media and other information technologies enabled the spread of otherwise isolated information? How have those same technologies complicated the way we understand the nature of privacy and the boundaries of government surveillance?" The full announcement is here.

Please contact facultydevelopment@knox.edu no later than Monday, December 1 if you are interested in being nominated for this seminar.

Read about this year's seminars and Knox policies here.

Center for Research Libraries for Research and Teaching: Don't Overlook This Valuable Resource

The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) offers extensive collections to support your research and teaching. Owing to our membership with the Center for Research Libraries, Knox faculty have access to CRL's vast collection of primary source material in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences from six major world regions: Africa, the Middle East, Slavic and Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Latin America. Formats include newspapers, journals, documents, archives, and other traditional and digital resources. 
CRL materials can be brought to Knox via the library's interlibrary loan service with extended loan periods. CRL will lend any quantity of material in any format, and they can also digitize materials for specific courses given enough notice. 

The CRL catalog is a good place to start to identify materials; also see their Topic Guides. Contact your librarian liaison to get more specific help from CRL staff to identify appropriate resources for your own research or for use in the classroom.

Professional Opportunities: Site Visits / Visiting Professorships

Knox faculty are regular participants in these sorts of programs. They can be powerful, even life-changing. Most are also generously funded, with little to no cost for participants. If needed, supplementary funds can be requested through various resources on campus. Please contact Mike Schneider, Assoc Dean for Faculty Development, if you have questions about any of these programs or would like to discuss how to fit these programs into the arc of your professional life.

ACM Botswana Faculty Site Visit: March 2015 - Apply by December 1, 2014

ACM Oak Ridge Science Semester seeks Resident Director for Fall 2015 - Apply Now!

DIS Copenhagen: Visiting Faculty (That guy looks familiar) - Rolling review of proposals, apply at least 18 months in advance.

Council of American Overseas Research Centers Multi-Country Fellowships - Due January 31, 2015

Fulbright Arctic Initiative, 2015-2016 (The name says it all) - Apply by February 16, 2015

"Buddhist Asia": Spend June in Hawaii! - Apply by March 2, 2015

Reminder: ACM FaCE 3 Technology-Enabled Education - Proposals Due December 15, 2014

Paralleling Knox's Mellon FaCE grant, the ACM's FaCE 3 offers considerably larger grants to support cross-departmental and inter-institutional collaborative projects. Groups are currently forming in all areas, including:

• Online resources for International Relations courses
• Digital Humanities training workshops
• Tutorial/Remedial online training modules in statistics and mathematics

Full details are available at the ACM FaCE Grant website.

Please contact Mike Schneider, Assoc Dean for Faculty Development, if you have projects you plan to propose or would like to be connected to faculty on other ACM campuses with interests similar to yours.

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