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February Newsletter

Here's what's on tap this week, plus some upcoming dates and deadlines. If you're interested in current research on student perceptions of faculty responsibility; if you need a productivity pep talk; or if you're struggling with students distracted by their phones, keep on scrolling to the bottom!  

No Tuesday Soup this week

Watch for its return next week, after pre-enrollment fever has broken. In the meantime, do try to carve out some time for . . .  

This Thursday:

Lunch and Learn from CIL: Supporting DACA/Undocumented, Immigrant and Refugee Students at Knox 12 - 1 pm, Ferris Lounge Tanya Cabrera is currently the Associate Director for Equity and Inclusion in the Office of Diversity at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She will present information regarding the needs and challenges that DACA/undocumented, immigrant and refugee students experience in their personal and academic lives. Feel free to bring your lunch.

Upcoming Fridays at Four

A venerated Knox tradition: come have refreshments and hear your colleagues talk about their work. The talks are non-technical; the atmosphere is relaxed. In all cases, refreshments start at 4; the talk starts at 4:15. Mate choice plays an important role in driving the evolution of beautiful plumage in birds as well as many other elaborate traits, and it has been studied extensively for many years. But what are the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying such mate assessment and choice? Jim Mountjoy and Jennifer Templeton address this question in an informal presentation of their collaborative research on visual mate choice lateralization in some beautiful birds, and their efforts to determine what regions of the brain are used for this complex task. Learning a new language can broaden your research horizons. Come hear how three colleagues are advancing their research agendas through language study. Details soon.  

CoFR deadlines


ACM FaCE pre-proposals due February 23

Please see the attached call for pre-proposals for more information. Faculty interested in submitting a pre-proposal should do so by responding to the prompts included in the Call through the ACM’s online project portal (which should now be working!) at projects.acm.edu. If you have questions or would like to discuss an idea you are considering, please contact Brian Williams  bwilliams@ACM.edu) or Ed Finn (efinn@ACM.edu).

Food for thought from around the Web


Last but not least . . . Knox's email signature policy

I just brought mine up to speed (see below)--have you checked yours lately? Click here for best practices and some examples.