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2015-2016: issue #6 - Jan. 29, 2016

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Pedagogy Corner

The First Five Minutes

The first few minutes of class can be decisive in focusing student attention, conveying key messages about the day's material, and establishing an agenda for the day. Don't squander this opportunity. These simple tips will replace a slow, rolling, clumsy start with a clear definitive beginning.

"Small Changes in Teaching: The First 5 Minutes of Class," Chronicle of Higher Education, Jan. 11, 2016.



CV Updates were due Jan. 25, but there is still time to complete it now:

Link to the CV Update Online Submission Form


Reimbursements Requests Are Due within 30 Days

Requests for reimbursement of Conference and Research / Creative Work-Related Travel expenses are due within 30 days of completing travel, in most circumstances. Requests later than 90 days may not be accepted by the Business Office.


Don't Forget Lynda

Faculty have access to the many training videos on lynda.com. Please follow this link to review the instructions on how to gain access to the site.



Humor Corner

You can be confident that this column will not be a regular feature of the Fac Dev Newsletter. Since someone went to the trouble to track down the "The 13 Best 'Onion' Stories About Higher Education", however, you owe it to yourself to review their work. (From Chronicle of Higher Education, Jan. 15, 2016.)

Pedagogy and Practice Series Launch - "Classroom Discussions: High, Low, and Hot" - Friday, February 5, 4 PM - Ferris Lounge

We are pleased to launch a new series of faculty conversations on teaching.  These events will be conversations, not lectures.  There will be facilitators for these conversations and some information and resources may be brought in support of the day’s topic, but there will not be elaborate presentations.  Instead, we would like all faculty with interest in the topic to come and share their views and experiences. These conversations will be a chance to discuss the experiments you have tried, celebrate your successes, and reflect on how we might benefit from your insights.  

The first of these faculty conversations will be on "Classroom Discussions." How do you know a classroom conversations is going well? What has worked? What has not? How do you gauge its impact? How could you respond when things get slow or get heated?

Please bring your ideas, stories, and concerns. Refreshments provided.


Fridays @ 4: Faculty Dialogue led by Cate Denial and Gabe Raley - February 12, Wilson House

"Fridays @ 4" is the faculty's presentation series for itself. Our next installment will be a presentation of scholarship with a twist. Cate Denial and Gabe Raley, who have been studying the impact of Intergroup Dialogue pedagogy, will lead a faculty dialogue regarding issues emanating from the recent faculty workshops on diversity and inclusivity. Faculty who participated in the workshops have been invited to suggest topics for the dialogue, but all faculty, including those who have not participated in a workshop yet, are invited to attend.

In addition, there will be a twist on the usual pattern for refreshments. The event will begin at 4 PM and the excellent refreshments will be at the end of the dialogue at 5 PM.


Conference on the Liberal Arts: "Catching the Wave: Energy and Renewal in Liberal Arts Education" - Proposals Due February 5, 2016

The American Conference of Academic Deans and the Phi Beta Kappa Society will hold an general conference on the role of faculty and academic leadership in liberal arts education on June 23–25, 2016 Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The organizers seek presenters discussing such topics as why we entered academe in the first place, what we envision as the public role of the liberal arts, and what is the role of faculty leadership in the future of liberal arts education. This conference would be an excellent opportunity to go public with our observations and experiences with the liberal arts in a era of reflection and reform.

The call for presenters is here. Please contact Mike Schneider at facultydevelopment@knox.edu if you have ideas for a potential Knox panel. We would be delighted to pull together a Knox group for this conference.


ACM FaCE Call for Pre-Proposals - Due February 19, 2016

Please follow this link to the Call for Pre-Proposals for the Spring 2016 cycle of Faculty Career Enhancement Program (FaCE) funding. The Call invites proposals for collaborative projects that are both related and unrelated to this or last year’s themes: Cognitive Science and the Liberal Arts and Technology Enabled Education. The Steering Committee welcomes Pre-Proposals that, regardless of their substantive focus:

• Engage faculty either from multiple institutions or from different departments within a single institution;
• Identify and test new approaches that have the potential to address current challenges or opportunities faced by liberal arts colleges and their faculty; and
• Show plans to become sustainable on the campuses involved and demonstrate the potential to be replicable on other campuses through effective dissemination strategies.

The due date for Pre-Proposal submissions is Friday, February 19, 2016.


What are You Doing This Summer?

NEH Summer 2016 Seminars and Institutes Announced: Applications - Due March 1, 2016

NEH Summer Seminars and Institutes promote teaching in the humanities with specific attention to undergraduate teaching faculty. For those unfamiliar with the NEH nomenclature, "seminars" focus on a specific topic, providing both study of that topic and opportunities to pursue individual projects related to it with the support of the seminar leaders and participants. "Institutes" are designed to advance undergraduate teaching on key themes and issues, engaging participants in discussions of texts and topics while bringing leading scholars to the institute to present current scholarship on the material.

Some Seminars of note:
Mapping, Text, and Travel - July 11-August 12 - Chicago, IL
Take Note and Remember: The Commonplace Book and Its American Descendants - July 17-31 - Asheville, NC
Postsecular Studies and the Rise of the English Novel, 1719-1897 - July 11-August 5 - Iowa City, IA

Some Institutes of note:
Modern Mongolia: Heritage and Tradition Amid Changing Realities - June 6-July 1 - Philadelphia, PA
On Native Grounds: Studies of Native American Histories and the Land - June 19-July 16 - Washington, DC
Veterans in American Society - July 10-29 - Blacksburg, VA
Arts of Survival: Recasting Lives in African Cities - July 5-July 27 - Bloomington, IN and New Orleans, LA

See the full list of 22 seminars and institutes here. (Note: Be sure to click on the tab for "College and University Teachers.")


What are You Doing Next Year? Or the Year After?

ACM Visiting Faculty Positions: Applications Due February 15 and March 1.

The call for applications for visiting faculty at the ACM off-campus programs has been posted to the ACM website.

Open positions are:
· Botswana: Development in Southern Africa – Visiting Faculty Director, Spring 2018
· Brazil: Culture, Community, & Language at PUC-Rio – Visiting Faculty Director, Fall 2017
· Florence: Arts, Humanities, & Culture – Affiliated Scholar, Fall 2018
· India: Culture, Traditions, & Globalization – Faculty Coordinator, August 2017
· London & Florence: Arts in Context – Visiting Faculty Director in London (Spring 2019) and Affiliated Scholar in Florence (Spring 2019)
· Jordan: Middle East & Arabic Language Studies – Visiting Faculty, Fall 2016 or Fall 2017
· Newberry Seminar: Research in the Humanities – Faculty Co-Directors, Fall 2018
· Shanghai: Perspectives on Contemporary China – Visiting Faculty Director, Fall 2017
· Tanzania: Ecology & Human Origins – Visiting Faculty Director, Fall 2017

The deadline to apply for positions on programs in Botswana, Brazil, Florence, India, London, Tanzania, and at the Newberry Library in Chicago is February 15, 2016, and the deadline for positions in Jordan and Shanghai is March 1, 2016.

Opportunities for faculty development in such positions are unique to the ACM consortium, and faculty who have served in these roles list some of the benefits as furthering their own understanding of the host country, building their research contacts, and sharing their experiences in unexpected ways when they return to the classroom on their home campus. With your help in identifying qualified applicants, we will fill these positions with faculty members who will benefit in like ways and will enjoy the challenge of guiding our students in their intellectual and personal development in new environments.

Applications are welcome from faculty who are tenured, in tenure track lines, or are long-term faculty in untenured positions. Participants receive their regular salary and benefits, along with a stipend for travel and living expenses.