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2013-2014: issue #7 - December 4, 2013

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December Read

College Unbound

Even if you are not joining us for the December Reading Groups, you may be interested in taking a look at this book as part of the Strategic Planning process. Currently available in Seymour Library (and currently available quite cheaply as an ebook).

From the publisher:
"What is the value of a college degree?

"The four-year college experience is as American as apple pie. So is the belief that education offers a ticket to a better life. But with student-loan debt surpassing the $1 trillion mark and unemployment on the rise, people are beginning to question that value. Is a college diploma still worth pursuing at any price?

"In College (Un)bound, Jeffrey J. Selingo, editor at large for The Chronicle for Higher Education, argues that America's higher education system is broken. The great credential race has turned universities into big business and fostered an environment where middle tier colleges can command elite university-level tuition while concealing staggeringly low graduation rates and churning out students with few hard skills into the job market.

"Selingo not only turns a critical eye to the current state of affairs in higher education, but he also predicts how technology will transform it for the better. Free massive online open courses (MOOCs) and hybrid classes, adaptive learning software, and the unbundling of traditional degree credits will increase access to high quality education regardless of budget or location and tailor lesson plans to individual needs. One thing is certain--the Class of 2020 will have a radically different college experience than their parents."

Taking your Course Online: Two Workshops - Dec. 11 and 13

Going online with course content - Wed., Dec. 11, 9:30-11:00am - Stellyes lab, SMC E-Wing Basement

Advanced online course content - Fri., Dec. 13, 9:30-11:00am - Stellyes lab, SMC E-Wing Basement

All faculty are invited to participate in workshops designed to help you put course content online. A workshop for "beginners" on Wednesday, Dec. 11, 9:30-11 AM will walk you through Moodle (our online course software) and demonstrate how to add video and audio content to your course site.
An advanced workshop on Friday, Dec. 13, 9:30-11 AM will look at creating audio/video content as well as implementing more sophisticated Moodle features.

More details are here.

Sign-up for the workshops here.

NEH Summer 2014 Seminars and Institutes Announced: Applications Due March 4

NEH Summer Seminars and Institutes promote teaching in the humanities with specific attention to undergraduate teaching faculty. For those unfamiliar with the NEH nomenclature, "seminars" focus on a specific topic, providing both study of that topic and opportunities to pursue individual projects related to it with the support of the seminar leaders and participants. "Institutes" are designed to advance undergraduate teaching on key themes and issues, engaging participants in discussions of texts and topics, while bringing leading scholars to the institute to present current scholarship on the material.

Some seminars of note:

Arts, Architecture, and Devotional Interaction in England, 1200-1600 - June 9-July 4 - York, England
Performing Dickens: "Oliver Twist" and "Great Expectations" on Page, Stage, and Screen - July 7-August 1 - Santa Cruz, CA
World War I in the Middle East - July 6-August 2 - Washington, DC
Some institutes of note:
The American Maritime People - June 23-July 25 - Mystic, CT
Black Aesthetics and African Diasporic Culture - July 13-August 1 - Atlanta, GA
The Mongols and the Eurasian Nexus Global History - May 26-June 27 - Honolulu, HI
See the full list of 30 seminars and institutes here. (Note: Be sure to click on the tab for "College and University Teachers.")

Reminder: 2013 Calendar Year Curriculum Vitae Updates Due January 10

Submit copies to the Dean's Office and your department by January 10. Form (.docx download) is here.

Research/Creative Work and Conference Travel Funding Requests for Spring and Early Summer (through end of Fiscal Year, June 30, 2014) - Due January 31

If you are interested in applying for Funds for Research and Creative Work for the remainder of the 2013-2104 academic year (including June), please submit forms and supporting documents (in .doc or .pdf) to facultydevelopment@knox.edu by January 31, 2014.

For Conference Travel Funds, complete the Conference Travel Request (Google Form - requires my.knox.edu login) by January 31, 2014. Remaining conference travel funds are quite limited. On a positive note, faculty have been quite active this year in attending and participating in conferences. Alas, that success also means that will not have resources to fund a second academic conference for any faculty this fiscal year.

Read Full Details and Find Application Forms Here

Reminder: Funding to Support Activities in Global Studies

The Stellyes Center for Global Studies offers financial support for faculty and student activities related to global education. Funding is available in a number of categories relating to curricular development, collaborative work, and student international travel. Faculty are encouraged to review the application form and instructions and contact Center Director Robin Ragan with questions and proposals for use of these funds.
(Requests for faculty research support on international topics should still go to facultydevelopment@knox.edu.)