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2014-2015: issue #7 - Feb. 1, 2015

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Rosenfeld, Wild Domestic

By Natania Rosenfeld, English

“Natania Rosenfeld’s poems are inquiries of the self that are inseparable from the strange meanderings of history. Whether she takes in the paintings of Soutine, the English countryside, an Assyrian relief, or zones of central Europe, her poems embody a resonant cosmopolitanism and a grace and wit that will compel any reader to follow her journey.”--Peter Balakian

"Wild Domestic: such contraries, deftly held in balance, lie at the heart of Natania Rosenfeld’s debut collection in which poems are energized as much by the poet’s life-affirming, lush, appetitive drives as they are reined in by her sober-eyed vision of caged birds of prey and flayed rabbits; I am thinking in particular of the remarkable sequence inspired by Soutine: “The torso stretched / like pulled meat, / a skull, vacant bloody / mouth at the point / of the genitals.” Rosenfeld knows how to write to the tight, serrated measures of duress—war-ravaged Europe haunts her imagination—but in the end it is the robust, androgynous body and its runaway anima that gain the high ground: “In her teeth/now a rose, now a dagger, / she slashes her world.” -- Gabriel Levin

Advising Mini-Workshop: Advising "At-Risk" Students
February 3 - Tuesday @ Noon and @ 4 PM

In anticipation of the Spring Term enrollment period, which begins Feb. 9, Lori Schroeder and Mike Schneider will offer an abbreviated, refresher version of our end-of-summer Advising Workshop. This version of the workshop will offer specific advice on dealing with "at-risk" students, advisees about whom you may have concerns about retention and persistence. We can suggest short and long term approaches to helping these students succeed.

We will offer the same workshop at 12 noon (lunch provided) and again at 4 PM (refreshments provided).

Please respond through this link by Monday, Feb. 2 if you plan to attend one of the two workshops. Your reply will help us prepare sufficient handouts and meals for all.

Building Inclusive Classrooms:
Tears, Rage, and Accusations: Dealing with Conflict in the Classroom February 10 - Tuesday @ 4 PM - Ferris Lounge

As part of our ongoing series "Building Inclusive Classrooms," Cate Denial and Gabe Raley will lead a discussion of how to cope when things get tense in the classroom. Conflict in the classroom can be an inevitable and natural product of much of the work we do, even when it erupts unexpectedly. Cate and Gabe will discuss how to embrace and develop these moments to build more inclusive environments.

Please reply through this link by Sunday, Feb. 8 if you plan to attend this workshop. Your reply will help the faciliators' preparations.

The Building Inclusive Classrooms main page catalogs earlier workshops and information sessions and provides links to other resources.


Next Friday @ 4 on Big Venus
Valerie Billing - February 13 - Alumni Room, Old Main

"Fridays @ 4," the faculty colloquium series, will feature Valerie Billing, Visiting Assistant Professor of English, speaking on the topic "Shakespeare's Queer Venus and the Renaissance Big Woman" on Friday, February 13 in the Alumni Room of Old Main. Refreshments at 4 PM and talk at 4:15 PM.

Generations of twentieth- and twenty-first-century literary critics have expressed disgust or amusement toward William Shakespeare's depiction of an enormous, desirous Venus in his 1593 narrative poem Venus and Adonis. Such readings, however, judge this Renaissance poem based on modern ideologies of heterosexuality and ignore the erotic potential of the large female body. This talk revisits Venus and her Amazonian body from a feminist and queer perspective, arguing that Venus's largeness inspires non-normative desires and queer erotics in the poem.

Please join us to experience and celebrate the work of our colleagues.


Assessment in the Disciplines Workshop: Chicago, February 6, 2015: Travel Grants available.

Illinois Campus Compact is sponsoring a follow-up session to the AAC&U Civic Inquiry and Action in the Disciplines Workshop held in Chicago last September.

The goal is to help faculty set learning goals, devise strategies and include community partner perspectives in the assessment process in Civic Engagement courses. The speaker will be Robert G. Bringle, and it will be held at DePaul University Loop Campus in Chicago on February 6, 2015, 10am-3pm.

To register for the event, follow this link: https://eventbrite.com/event/15376368131/ (The event is now free.)

Please contact Mike Schneider, Assoc Dean for Faculty Development, if you are interested in a travel grant.

More About Robert G. Bringle:
Robert G. Bringle is an internationally recognized scholar and the founding director of the Center for Service and Learning at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. He combines his research and experience in psychology with path breaking work in research related to service learning and community engagement. The Center for Service and Learning is the focal point of IUPUI’s reputation as a leading engaged university.