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2016 - 2017: June, 2017

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June mini-Newsletter

Hope summer is off to a good start, and you've had at least a moment to catch your breath.

As I start thinking about my teaching for fall term, I find myself wanting to use specifications grading (or "specs grading") again, as I've already done with some success in my Calc II classes. This approach to grading has taken various forms and been called by various names over the years; here's a Chronicle blog post about its latest trip around the block:


Some of the benefits I've found when I used specs grading:

Sound good? If you're interested in learning more--or if you've already done something like this, too, and are interested in sharing your experiences with colleagues--just reply to this message (just to me, please). I'd like to get a group (or two) together to do some reading and talking this summer. It wouldn't be a huge time commitment, but would be a chance to chat with colleagues, get some course prep done, and possibly make things better for both you and your students. Depending on how the summer goes, we might extend the group(s) into the fall to talk about what we've tried and how it worked.

Questions? Comments? Let me know.