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A Knox Biblio-pile
Twelve members of the Knox faculty published books in 2003-04.
August 27, 2004

During the 2003-2004 academic year, twelve members of the Knox faculty -- more than ten-percent of the faculty -- have published a total of eight scholarly books, a collection of poetry, and a collection of short stories.

To order copies of the publications listed below, call the Knox Bookstore at 309-341-7344.

Performing Opposition, Neil Blackadder
Performing Opposition: Modern Theater and the Scandalized Audience

By Neil Blackadder, associate professor of theatre
Praeger Publishers (November 2003)

Neil Blackadder examines the protests of scandalized audience members against the first plays by such writers as Jarry, Synge, and Brecht, illuminating a multifaceted and largely overlooked aspect of modern theater history.


Making the Bible Modern, Penny Gold
Making the Bible Modern: Re-making Jewish Identity for Children in Twentieth Century America

By Penny Schine Gold, professor of history
Cornell University Press (2003)

The Bible has played a critical role in the story of Judaism, modernity, and identity. Penny Gold examines the arena of children's education and the role of the Bible in the reshaping of Jewish identity, especially in the United States in the 1920s and 1930s, when a second generation of Eastern European Jews engaged the task of Americanizing Jewish culture, religion, and institutions.


the Keepsake Storm, Gina Franco
The Keepsake Storm: Poems

By Gina Franco, assistant professor of English
University of Arizona Press (2004)

The Keepsake Storm is a personal journey through many lives that is nothing less than a celebration-and a reassessment-of American consciousness. By reaffirming the power of self-awareness, history, and place, Gina Franco reaches out to all who struggle to find meaning in times of trouble or self-doubt.


Lewis & Clark, Mark Spence
Lewis and Clark: Legacies, Memories, and New Perspectives

By Kris Fresonke and Mark Spence, former associate professor of history/chair of American studies
University of California Press (2004)

This volume explores the legacy of Lewis and Clark's momentous journey and, on the occasion of its bicentennial, considers the impact of their westward expedition on American culture. Approaching their subject from many different perspectives -- literature, history, women's studies, law, medicine, and environmental history, among others -- the authors chart shifting attitudes about the explorers and their journals, together creating a compelling, finely detailed picture of the "interdisciplinary intrigue" that has always surrounded Lewis and Clark's accomplishment.


Elizabeth Stoddard, Robert Smith
American Culture, Canons, and the Case of Elizabeth Stoddard

Edited by Robert McClure Smith, associate professor of English, and Ellen Weinauer
University of Alabama Press (July 2003)

American Culture, Canons, and the Case of Elizabeth Stoddard reconsiders Elizabeth Stoddard's life and work and her current marginal status in the evolving canon of American literary studies. Robert Smith raises important questions about women's writing in the 19th century and canon formation in the 20th century.


Making the Bible Modern, Penny Gold
Women, Creole Identity, and Intellectual Life in Early Twentieth-Century Puerto Rico

By Magali Roy-Fequiere, associate professor of gender and women's studies
Temple University Press (February 2004)

Magali Roy-Féquière casts new light on the "Generación del Treinta," a group of Creole intellectuals who situated themselves as the voice of a new cultural nationalism in Puerto Rico. Through a feminist lens, she focuses on the interlocking themes of nationalism, gender, class, and race in the articulation of early twentieth century Puerto Rican identity.


Psychology and Consumer Culture - Tim Kasser
Psychology and Consumer Culture: The Struggle for a Good Life in a Materialistic World

Edited by Tim Kasser, associate professor of psychology, and Allen D. Kanner
American Psychological Association (2003)

Psychology and Consumer Culture provides an in-depth psychological analysis of consumerism that draws from a wide range of theoretical, clinical, and methodological approaches. The contributors to this edited volume demonstrate that consumerism and the culture that surrounds it exert profound and often undesirable effects on both people's individual lives and on society as a whole.


Making the Bible Modern, Penny Gold
Bonheur ou Mirage?

By Caesar Akuetey, associate professor of modern languages and literatures (2003)

Including two short stories and a poem, this literary collection, "Happiness or Illusion," is written entirely in French. Of special note -- the famous Knox squirrels make an appearance in the collection as Akuetey ponders how these small campus residents contribute to the life of the College. Available from

Outcastes in Modern Japan, Hane
Peasants, Rebels, Women and Outcastes: The Underside of Modern Japan

By Mikiso Hane, professor emeritus of history
Rowman & Littlefield (2003)

Released shortly before Professor Hane's death in December 2003, this is a revised edition of a book first published in 1982. Prof. Hane wrote a new introduction and revised the final chapter to reflect additional scholarship that he had completed over the last 12 years. (Title page of the 2003 edition is shown at left, the volume has a plain black cover.)

The book is a compelling social history that draws upon diaries, memoirs, fiction, trial testimony, personal recollections, and eyewitness accounts. A fascinating and controversial account of what ordinary Japanese endured during an era of stunning economic growth, the book challenged conventional wisdom that modernization had been a universally progressive force in Japanese society.


Poltics and the Middle East
Politics and Change in the Middle East: Sources of Conflict and Accommodation
By Roy R. Andersen, Timme Professor of Economics; Robert F. Seibert, Murphy Professor of Political Science; and Jon G. Wagner, professor of anthropology
Pearson Education (2003)

Now in its seventh edition -- proof of its enduring relevance in a rapidly changing field of study -- Politics and Change in the Middle East traces political developments by discussing economic, historical, social science, popular culture, and religious issues. Incorporating historical perspectives with contemporary material, this study gives readers the necessary background to make informed judgments on the politics of the region today.

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