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"The Skriker," by Caryl Churchill
May 4 through 7, in Harbach Theatre
May 04, 2005

Knox College Theatre presents "The Skriker," by Caryl Churchill, directed by Elizabeth Carlin-Metz, at 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 4 through Saturday, May 7, in Harbach Theatre, Ford Center for the Fine Arts. The play is intended for mature audiences. Admission is $8 for adults, $5 for students and senior citizens. Tickets are available at the door.

Churchill is one of the premier women playwrights of the contemporary stage," said Carlin-Metz, the director. "She frames the play in a plot reminiscent of the Rumplestiltskin fairy tale, in which the Skriker, a mysterious female character, tries to convince two girls to give her their babies."

"The play is a feminist critique of the 1980s, a decade that left women struggling with their roles as female, mother, worker, nurturer, and consumer, and many young women rejected the addition of 'feminist' to that list," Carlin-Metz said.

"The play is not like standard theatre, television or film," Carlin-Metz said. "It seems obscure, but the obscurity is a strategy to prompt questions and stimulate dialog."

Skriker Rehearsal Skriker Rehearsal
Skriker Rehearsal

Above left: The Skriker, a mysterious shapeshifting female Rumplestiltskin-esque character. Right, The Skriker emerges from one of several openings in the stage floor. Photos by Peter Bailley.

Left: Helen Drysdale rehearses with director Elizabeth Carlin-Metz. Below, more physical theatre in rehearsal. Photos by Andrew Fitz.

Skriker Rehearsal

Bottom row: Stage and lighting design and special effects by Craig Choma; Assistant director Jacqueline Dehne preps for rehearsal. Photos by Peter Bailley.

Skriker Stage Lighting
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Skriker Crew

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