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Students Receive Fulbrights
Malaria research in Africa; teaching and politics in Korea
May 22, 2006

David Han, Lindsey TurnbullKnox College seniors Lindsey Turnbull and David Han have been awarded 2006 Fulbright Fellowships. Turnbull will conduct genetic research on malaria in the African nation of Malawi. Han was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to teach and study in Korea. More about David Han and his fellowship is on page

Turnbull and Han are the eleventh and twelfth Knox students in the past twelve years to receive Fulbright Fellowships, among the nation's most prestigious awards for international postgraduate study.

"I want to help the country where I'm working."
"Fulbright applicants are asked where they want to work, and I picked Sub-Saharan Africa, in the biochemical field," Turnbull said. "I'll be looking at specific locations in the human genome, studying the factors that affect people's susceptibility and resistance to malaria, especially the hereditary factors that make some children more susceptible than others."

"I want to do something that will be helpful to the country where I'm working," Turnbull said. "Hopefully researchers can create better medications, based on what we know about genetics, and possibly come up with a vaccine," Turnbull said.

Turnbull's interest in malaria was sparked by a Knox chemistry class this year in molecular medicine, taught by professor Janet Kirkley. "We talked about several different medical topics at the cellular level, and I did a presentation on what causes people to have problems with malaria," Turnbull said. "It was a powerful experience, learning how problems like malaria can be tackled at the molecular level."

Research: Drink Up; Immune System Down
A chemistry and biochemistry major from Edmond, Oklahoma, Turnbull built her research skills in a College Honors project on the effects of alcohol on the immune system. While some studies have shown benefits from drinking alcohol, Turnbull said it also injures the immune system. "It suppresses different parts of the immune system at different levels. If you get a cut after consuming alcohol, your body may not be able to respond as quickly or as efficiently as otherwise."

Turnbull's other activities have included swimming and membership in the Pi Beta Phi sorority. "I've enjoyed being on the swim team, and I was captain this year," she said. "In Pi Beta Phi, we've done a lot of community service projects. We helped relocate the Child Advocacy Center and read stories to kids at the Discovery Depot."

Following orientation this summer in Washington DC, and at Oxford University in Great Britain in the fall, Turnbull will spend between six months and a year at the Blantyre Malaria Project in Malawi.

After completing the term in Malawi, "I may go to graduate school, but I don't know right now," Turnbull said. "I expect my experience in Africa to change me in some way, and I'm open to that."

Fulbright Fellowships
Fulbright grants are funded by the U.S. State Department and administered by the Institute of International Education, with additional support from participating countries and educational institutions. The program awarded approximately 1,200 student fellowships last year.

The program was established 60 years ago to increase mutual understanding between the United States and other countries. Fellowships are awarded to outstanding college graduates, graduate students, young scholars and higher education faculty.

Founded in 1837, Knox is a national liberal arts college in Galesburg, Illinois, with students from 46 states and 43 nations. Knox's 'Old Main' is a National Historic Landmark and the only building remaining from the 1858 Lincoln-Douglas debates.

Knox College Fulbright Fellowships since 1999
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David Han
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Margaret Anthony 
Carolyn Schenck
Ellen Titzkowski
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Teaching English
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