Clinical Psychology Term at Knox College

An integral part of the Knox curriculum is the idea of "experiential learning," (learning by doing) and one of the psychology department's most unique offerings for experiential learning is Clinical Term.  Students interested in the areas of clinical psychology, counseling psychology or social work can spend a term immersing themselves in the field by taking two courses, (PSYC 300A, Clinical and Abnormal Psychology, and PSYC 300B, Theories and Methods of Psychotherapy), while simultaneously completing an internship in the Galesburg area that is related to clinical psychology.  In Clinical Term, you'll gain an increased knowledge of clinical psychology through the integration of academic information and assignments in the two classes with the hands-on experience of working in settings typical of clinical psychologists, counselors and social workers. Students in the program have worked with the chronically mentally ill, the developmentally disabled, families and children experiencing a variety of difficulties in adjustment, and women and children who are the victims of domestic abuse.

To Download an Application for Clinical Psychology Term, Click on the Picture of Freud