Knox College Psychology Faculty

Andy Hertel - Assistant Professor of Psychology

B.A., St. Olaf College

Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Research Interests: Health Psychology; Social Psychology; Self-Concept; Smoking Addiction


Heather Hoffmann

Heather Hoffmann - Robert M. & Katherine A. Seeley Distinguished Professor of Psychology

B.A., Lafayette College;

M.A., Ph.D. State University of New York at Binghamton

Research Interests: Neural basis of learning and development; Human Sexuality


Tim Kasser

Tim Kasser - Professor of Psychology & Department Chair

B.A., Vanderbilt University 

M.A., Ph.D., University of Rochester

Research Interests: Values, Materialism, Personality, Well-Being


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Frank McAndrew

Frank McAndrew - Cornelia H. Dudley Professor of Psychology

B.S., King's College 

Ph.D., University of Maine

Research Interests: Social & Evolutionary Psychology; Organizational Behavior


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Kara Moore - Assistant Professor of Psychology

B.A., University of Texas - Arlington

M.A., & Ph.D., University of Arkansas

Research Interests: Cognitive & Developmental Psychology; Human Memory & Law


Sara O'Brien

Sara O'Brien - Assistant Professor of Psychology

B.A., Miami University (Ohio)

M.A., University of Iowa

Ph.D. University of Notre Dame

Research Interests: Abnormal & Clinical Psychology; Assessment; Classification; Psychopathology


Kelly Shaw

Kelly Shaw - Instructor of Psychology

B.A., Knox College 

M.A., Purdue University

Research Interests: Gender; Stereotyping and Prejudices; Psychology & Film