Support for Research and Creative Work


Application Procedures for 2016-2017 Fiscal Year Activities


The Committee on Faculty Resources (CoFR) is now accepting requests for funding to support Faculty Research and Creative Work to be undertaken during the 2016-2017 fiscal year (July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017).  

Please review the Research/Study Fund Guidelines (Appendix A.I of the Faculty Handbook). 

We would like to bring your attention to the following important policies governing application for Faculty Research / Creative Work Funds:  

1. All applications for Faculty Research / Creative Work Funds must be filed by way of this new online submission form:  

You are encouraged to review the form first.  A PDF of the online form is available here:    

2. Please provide a complete budget for your proposed activity and list additional resources available to you.  

CoFR finds that it serves the interests of applicants and the work of the Committee to have a full picture of a faculty member's needs and additional funding sources for a given project. CoFR's goal is to ensure that the greatest number of faculty have the best chance to receive the most funding toward their real costs.  The new availability of Mellon Grant support and CoFR's familiarity with other funding sources around campus means that CoFR can assist faculty in providing as much funding as possible.  Providing a complete budget picture allows CoFR to help faculty achieve this end.    

3. Writing Workshops, Research Meetings, Collaborative Conference Projects: Research or Conference Travel?  

CoFR spends more time discussing cases that fall in the gray area between conference and research travel more than any other topic.  CoFR is considering a new grant category in this area.  In the meantime, CoFR will entertain applications for research/creative work funding to support attendance of writing workshops, research group meetings, and other collaborative work that in many ways might look like conference travel, but whose main agenda is to complete and disseminate scholarly or creative work.  Mere attendance of conferences-as-research itself is still unlikely to receive support except in rare circumstances.     

4. Requests for support must be filed before the project activity is begun.  Requests for retrospective funding of completed or ongoing activities cannot be considered.  

5. College-wide guidelines covering Travel, Entertainment, and Business-Related Expenses will have been published.  These guidelines will govern use of Faculty Research / Creative Work Funds as well.

6. New Reimbursement Procedures were introduced in Fall 2014. Please start your reimbursement request with the Reimbursement Procedures page.  


March 2016