This guide is the result of the collective work of Knox faculty, new and seasoned, young and old, undertaken in the context of the ACE/Kellogg Faculty Workplace Project. The guide provides practical suggestions for life in the academy generally and Knox specifically. Having ourselves been helped by the advice of colleagues here and elsewhere but also being aware of how difficult it can sometimes be to find the right colleague to ask--or even to know the question to ask--we have compiled this collection of peer advice on matters we found to be common to many people's experience. This is not in any way an official guide to Knox regulations. It is just us talking to you, and hoping that you will find something of use in the conversation.

The Survival/Success Guide Working Group

Natalie Adolphi
Penny Gold
Heather Hoffmann
Carol Horwitz
Lynette Lombard
Elizabeth Carlin Metz

Thanks to the many others who helped by talking with us or by writing up their experiences or advice.

Your comments and suggestions for revisions or additions would be much appreciated. The guide is updated every couple of years. Please send your suggestions to Penny Gold,

August, 2000