Each December, you will prepare a Curriculum Vita update to submit to your chair, the dean, and the Faculty Personnel Committee (FPC) for the purpose of contract and/or salary review (see the Faculty Handbook for the official policy). The update includes accomplishments in teaching, research, and service to the College for a given calendar year (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31). The CV update is the main means by which the dean and FPC are informed of your professional and college activities. We suggest that you be familiar with the categories and keep a written or electronic file to which you add things throughout the year--much easier than trying to remember all you did months later. A look through your appointment calendar for the year may also remind you of things to include. When preparing the update, include a brief description of an item and/or its significance to your professional development, particularly if it is unfamiliar to the Dean or FPC.

Appendix B contains sample CV udpates.