The first edition of this guide was put together by Natalie Adolphi, and has been added to in each new edition.  Suggestions for new additions are always welcome.  The online version of this guide is updated more regularly than the print version.  Initials after descriptions refer to these members of the Knox faculty and staff:

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Listings are in rough order of increasing distance from Galesburg:
near Galesburg
Bishop Hill
Quad Cities
Iowa City


Applebee's, 1966 N. Henderson St., 344-7325. A nice range of reliably good and reasonably priced food. Crowded on weekends and on the noisy side; has a bar also. (NA)

Broadview on the Square,
29 Public Square, 342-1362. All you can eat buffet or menu; open 24 hours. (RF)

Casa Sierra, 1488 N. Henderson St., 344-2136. Great Mexican/American food. (BJH)

Cherry Street, 57 S. Cherry St., 344-4480. Good place for sandwiches and more, close to campus. Popular place in the late afternoon or evening to gather over beer.  Jazz on Thursday evenings (NA)

Coney Island, 77 S. Cherry St., 343-4990. A classic Galesburg locale; the place to get a hot dog with various fixings. (NA)  Also a second location at 1120 N. Henderson, 343-2912.

Chez Willy's, 41 S. Seminary, 341-4141. Gourmet American, eclectic. The restaurant of choice for entertaining job candidates, and nice for treating oneself as well. The restaurant includes a wine store as well. (NA)

Delino's Deli, 765 N. Kellogg St., 342-3372 (in the Professional Bldg. just north Cottage) open 9-5, Mon-Fri. Meatball sandwich the specialty (PG)

El Rancherito, 1824 North Henderson, 341-2233. Mexican Food. Fajitas are one of the better menu options; they also have tacos, enchiladas, etc. (RF)

Gray's Sandwich Shop, 1160 West Main St., 342-6615. Great hamburgers and tenderloins. (RF)

Hammer's General Feed Store, 4L Plaza (Just north of the railroad tracks off of Broad St.), 342-6115. Pizza, other Italian food, Mexican, salad bar, all you can eat pizza and taco buffet on certain nights, kid-friendly, eat in or carry out. (NA)

Innkeepers Coffee,
80 N. Seminary St., 344-2625.  Terrific coffee place with a variety of other beverages, fine pastries and chocolates, bagels, and gift items.  Beautiful setting--nice place to relax.

Jalisco, 2105 E. Main St. (344-2957) Excellent, cheap, authentic Mexican. You can actually get spicy food if you choose (or tongue or goat, if you're really brave). I recommend anything made with their steak (quesadillas, burritos, etc.) or their chile verde sauce, for starters. (NA)

Joy Garden, 241 E. Main St., 343-1850. Many Knox folks judge this is the best Asian food in town, small price for large portions, fast, mostly carryout (the dining room has a distinctly "fast food" decor). (NA)

Kaldi's Coffeehouse and Tearoom, 124 E. Simmons St., 344-0200. Wide variety of coffee and tea drinks, along with interesting soft drinks of various sorts. Pastry and some lunch items from Uncle Billy's Bakery and Cornucopia (same owners). You're welcome to bring your own lunch in. Free wireless network. (KH)

The Landmark Cafe and Creperie, 62 S Seminary St., 343-5376.  Diverse menu, including crepes, quiches, interesting salads, yummy desserts. (NA)

Macs Place, 2320 Grand Avenue. The best tacos and bean dip, but only on Tuesdays and Fridays. (RF)

McGillicuddy's, 58 S. Cherry Street, 341-4699. Bar and restaurant, home of Knox Jazz on Thursday nights; specials are good. (SAJ)

New China Cafe, 329 East Main St., 342-3218. Cantonese and American food. (RF)

Old Peking, 1349 N. Henderson St., 343-8822.  Another northern Chinese food restaurant, also with a buffet. The favorite of the folks who find Joy Garden overrated, with dishes ordered off the menu (as opposed to sitting in the hot trays on the buffet) especially good. (PG)

The Packinghouse Dining Company, 441 Mulberry, 342-6868. Good steaks and chops, big salad bar with homemade cinnamon rolls, free dinner on your birthday. (NA)

Pizza House, 132 Simmons St., 343-8376. Great thin crust pizza, Italian roast beef sandwiches and pizza burgers, spinach salad. (RF, AG)

Prairie Inn (at the Best Western), 300 S. Soangetaha Rd., 343-2113. Italian food. (RF)

Q's Café, 319 E. Main Street, 341-4525. Lunch only; serves specialty sandwiches, fresh soups, salads. They make many of their items themselves (hummus, soup, chicken salad) and mix up the menu frequently. (KH)

The Rib Shack, 1815 N. Henderson, 344-1915.. A favorite with the locals, ribs, slaw, etc., eat in or carry out. (NA)

Roosters Feed Club, 349 E. Main Street, in the Galesburg Antiques Mall, 342-8557. Salads, sandwiches, home-cooked foods, and fresh-squeezed lemonade, with daily specials. Open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday. (MD)

The Steak House, 951 N. Henderson, 343-9994. The menu hasn't changed in 30 years good place for steack and potatos and the like. Harry Neumiller highly recommends their Ground Round with Bleu Cheese and Wine Sauce (which is one of the cheapest things on the menu). Penny Gold recommends the Chateaubriand (for two) if you're up for a splurge. Might need reservations on a weekend night.

Sully's Pub, 1075 Henderson St., 342-9325. Great chicken noodle on mashed potatoes, good chicken wings. (RF)

Taco Hideout, 1256 Berrien St., 343-5610. Tacos and enchiladas; no-frills setting. (RF, PG)

Uncle Billy's Bakery & Cornucopia 87 South Seminary St., 342-6111. Cornucopia has a deli case where you can get sandwiches, quiche, prepared salads, vegetarian sushi, lasagna. The bakery has a wide variety of great breads and other baked goods. There are some tables for eat-in, or you can take out. (RF)

West Central Illinois Food Co-op. This is not a restaurant or store, but rather a group of people committed to expanding their grocery horizons. Each month the Co-op orders a variety of whole foods, ethnic foods, and gourmet and specialty items (mostly in case quantities) from the Blooming Prairie Warehouse in Iowa City. The prices are often very reasonable! One week after the monthly Order Meeting, the groceries (and health and beauty items) are delivered to the VFW Hall in Galesburg for pick-up by Co-op members. For more information go to:


Caroline & Company, 708 N. Monroe Street, Abingdon, (309) 462-3250. Caroline has been known for years for the great cinnamon rolls she makes. Think Cinnabon, and you're close. (RF)

Cerar's Barnstormer, 1201 W. Broadway in Monmouth, (309) 734-9494. Good steaks, seafood, in the gray zone between formal and informal. (NA)

Club 41, 51 Monroe St. in St. Augustine (south of Galesburg just off of Rt. 41), (309) 465-3293.  Recommended for those who love onion rings, casual.

Coconuts, 109 Broadway , located inside of the Maple City Candy Company, Monmouth. (309) 734-8999 (BBH)

A Little Cup of Heaven, 226 S. Main Street, Monmouth, (309) 734-4200. Serves a variety of coffees, sandwiches and desserts. Monmouth's version of Innkeeper's. (BBH)

Pinky's Kozy Inn, 2203 US Highway 150 North, Wataga, 344-2505. Steak and sea food, sandwiches, fried ice cream. The Kozy Inn is owned by Pinky (JoAnn Gibbons) and her husband. Pinky runs the Gizmo by day and the Cozy Inn by night!


P.L. Johnson's Dining Room and Gift Shop, 110 West Bjorkland Street (north of the park), (309) 927-3885,, Also worth a visit if you're going to Bishop Hill. Lunch served daily; dinner on Saturday evenings May 7 - August 27, 5:30 - 8:00 p.m. (PG)

The Red Oak Inn,
106 Bishop Hill Street, (309) 927-3539, Very nice lunch place (open 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily), with excellent Swedish entreés. (MD)


The Watering Hole, 1648 Knox Road 1725 N. (overlooking the Oak Run Golf Course), (309) 879-2155, Open year round. Varied menu (including children's options), with some distinctive steak and fish entrees. The shrimp scorpions and hand dipped fried mushrooms are excellent. (MD)


Hospitality House, 122 W. Main Street, (309) 879-2226. Only serves breakfasts and lunches and you share tables with whoever's there, primarily farmers and hunters. Old-fashioned home cooking with a limited menu, the specialty being home-made pies by Lois (age 80+). (JD).


The Feed Store Cafe & Catering, 316 Main St. (309) 875-3010. Excellent hamburgers, fries, onion rings, chicken and dumplings. (RF)


Chandlers, 127 E. Carroll, (309) 833-3000. Good food and good atmosphere. Has a comfortable lounge, decent menu, and good seafood specials. (JAH)

Magnolia's, 130 N. Lafayette, (309) 833-2725. Akin to Chez Willy's, with a wide-ranging menu. some Southern items. Very pleasant atmosphere; worth a trip to Macomb. (PG, RMD, JAH)


The Drake, 106 Washington, (319) 754-1036. An upscale restaurant in downtown Burlington, similar to Chez Willy's. (RMD)

Martini's Grill, 610 North 4th Street, (319) 752-6262, Similar to Chez Willy's, with designer martinis and a great view of the Mississippi. (RMD).


Arthur's Garden Deli, 3727 Blackhawk Road, Rock Island. (309-793-1230) Deli sandwiches, quiches, big salad bar, tasty desserts--a Quad Cities local standard which almost everyone swears by. And if you're in the Quads to do some shopping, it's only a few minutes from Southpark Mall. (NA)

Biaggi's, 5195 Utica Ridge Road, Davenport, (563) 344-2103. Very tasty real Mediterranean style Italian, modest prices for the most part, large selection; reservations useful for weekends, casual dress, nice decore - very light. Service good. Near Multiplex Theaters. (4 stars from SH)

Captain's Table, 4801 River Drive, Moline (309-797-9222) (MGS)

C'est Michele Restaurant, 1405 5th Ave., Moline (309) 762-0585.  French food.

Centro, 131 West 2nd Street, Davenport, (563) 323-0300, An Italian urban eatery with New-York style pizza from coal-fired brick ovens. Centro, which literally translated means center, distinquishes itself with New York-style pizza prepared in coal-fired ovens. In fact, Centro boasts one of the few coal ovens operating in the United States today. (SSJ)

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, 300 Jason Way Court, Davenport, IA (319) 386-4847 . American home cooked food with antiques on the walls (Barnwood and rustic). Giftshop is attached to restaurant. Meals include: Roast Beef with all the trimmings, turkey with all the trimmings, fried catfish dinner, hamburgers, children's menu. They have full Country Breakfast menu. Very good food! (RF)

Erawan, 1700 3rd Ave (corner 17th St.), Rock Island (309-786-6752). Thai cuisine in downtown Rock Island . Open 11 am to 9 pm, Mon-Sat. Has a number of vegetarian entrees. (NA)

Exotic Thai Restaurant, 2303 E. 53rd St., Davenport (563-344-0909. Despite its location in a strip mall, Exotic Thai serves wonderful food in a pretty setting. Lots of vegetarian options. This restaurant would do very well even in a big city with lots of competition. (KK)

Front Street Brewery, 208 East River Drive, Davenport, IA. A brew pub with fresh beer, ale and stouts) (563) 322-1569 (RF)

Harris Pizza , 524 East Locust Street, Davenport, IA (563) 322-2411; also at 1601 West 3rd Street, Davenport, IA (563) 326-3551. Good homestyle pizza. (RF)

Hoa Lan Food, 1611 5th Ave, Moline. (309-762-1620 or 736-9453). Asian grocery.

India House, 220 N. Harrison St., Davenport (563) 322-3755.

Johnny's Italian Steakhouse, 1300 River Drive, Moline, (309) 736-0100. (see description in Peoria listings)

Le Mekong, 1606 5th Ave. Moline (309-797-3709). Vietnamese cuisine. (NA)

Maggie Moos Ice Cream and Treat, 5250 Utica Ridge Road, (563) 355-6661. Ice cream place - great treats. (SH)

Miss Mamie's Catfish House, 3925 16th St., Moline (309-762-8336 ); not far from Toys R Us and the Southpark Mall. (GS)

Oriental Food Store, 330 E. 4th St., Davenport (563-323-3141).

Outback Steakhouse, 1235 East Kimberly Road, Davenport, IA (563) 386-4711. Ambiance is Australian Outback (barnwood and rustic). Steaks and ribs are very good here. (RF)

Panera Bread, 3410 Elmore Avenue, Davenport, IA Excellent bagels; try the Asiago cheese items (563) 344-4909 (RF)

Pasteur Vietnamese Cuisine, 2037 16th St., Moline (309-797-6336). Good food, friendly staff.

Red Crow, 2504 53rd Ave., Bettendorf (563) 332-2370. Eclectic American cuisine.

Sakura Restaurant, 4704 16th Street, Moline, (309) 762-2211. This Japanese restaurant is located where Yen Ching used to be. A wide-ranging menu and an attractive sushi bar. (PG)

Savitri's, 111 W. 2nd St., Davenport (563) 324-6700.   French/Italian/sushi.

Shogun Japanese Sushi & Steak House, 3839 Brady Street, Davenport, IA (563) 388-0810 .Great sushi. (RF, PS)

Star Sandwich Shop, (309-788-2041) Very small, very quaint, walking in is kind of like stepping back in time. Call for hours. (NA)

Whitey's Ice Cream and Country Style Ice Cream, corner of 16th St. and 23rd Ave. Moline (309-762-4335). Country Style is softserve only (but very good, homemade stuff) and makes excellent chocolate sodas, Whitey's has regular ice cream and is famous for their malts and shakes. Another location at 2601 41st St., (309) 762-4548. (NA)


Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar, 5121 W. American Prairie Dr., (309) 691-9453. Great sports bar atmosphere. Lots of TVs, two 15' screens for featured games, interactive trivia, video games. Thirteen different flavors of sauces for wings and other items. Good burgers and chicken sandwiches for those who aren't into the wing thing. Pretty loud, but that's to be expected from a sports bar. Great place to go during football season, just show up about 1/2 hour before the game starts or you might have a bit of a wait. (JMH)

Byblos, at River Station (309) 637-9000. Middle Eastern food. I highly recommend the mlookyeh. (PG)

Carlos O'Kellys, 714 West Lake Avenue (309) 682-0606. Mexican style food with an Irish Mexican ambiance. This is a nice sit down restaurant with a standard Mexican menu. Includes a children's menu. (RF)

Chef John's Wine Bar & Grill, 1710 W. Woodside Drive, Dunlap (309-243-2020). This is perhaps the best restaurant in the area, elegant food and presentation. The menu ranges from poultry, beef, and seafood to a few Thai entrees; there are also a couple of vegetarian entrees always available. The appetizers are wonderful. Quite expensive; a great place to celebrate a special occasion. Reservations needed. (PG)

Damons, 106 Southwest Water St. (309) 671-7500. Barbecued ribs, barbecued chicken, baked potatoes and onion rings. Nice ambiance. (RF)

Dominics Restaurant in the Metro Centre, 3113 N. Dries Lane on University (309-686-9266). Reservations needed on weekends. (PS)

Famous Daves, 703 Mariner's Way, East Peoria, (309) 694-0048. Steaks, chicken. Large portions; great beer selection. Warehouse style sit down restaurant. Outdoor seating availiable, fabulous view.  Another Famous Dave's is located at the Shoppes of Grand Prairie in NW Peoria (off War Memorial Drevie/Route 150). (RF, SM)

French Toast, 4600 North Prospect Road, Peoria Heights (309) 686-0234. One of Peoria's classiest and more intimate restaurants. Adjacent to and owned by the same folks as Wine Country [see below]. You can bring in a bottle from the wine shop for a nominal fee. After dinner you can walk along Grand View Drive overlooking the Illinois River.  Reservations needed. (PS)

Haddad's, 1024 W. Main St., (309) 672-5339.  Homestyle Lebanese food with no pretensions.  Excellent for the money. Closed Sundays. (MS, SM)

The Hofbrau House, 2210 N.E. Jefferson Ave. (309) 686-9739 German specialties and beers. (PS, RF)

Jim's Steakhouse, 110 SW Jefferson, corner Main (309-673-5300).  Probably the best steakhouse in Peoria, with prices and atmosphere to match.  Live piano or harp.

Joe's Crab Shack, 110 SW Water St. (309-671-2223).  Mediocre food, fun decor, with outdoor seathing overlooking the river and an outdoor play area for kids. (SM)

Johnny's Italian Steakhouse, 5201 W. War Memorial Dr., Ste 300 (Shoppes at Grande Prairie), (309) 692-3887, Good food with a 50s supper club atmosphere. (RMD)

Jonah's Seafood House and Oyster Bar, 2601 N. Main Street in East Peoria--Route 116 (309) 694-0946 Great seafood, New Orleans-style.  Great river view.  If oysters are your thing, you won't find a better selection in central Illinois. Live jazz on the weekends. (PS, SM)

Kelleher's, 619 SW Water St. (309-676-0168). Close to Peoria Art Guild and the Riverfront.  Irish pub/restaurant in a refurbished warehouse near the Illinois River.  Noted for serving Beamish, Ireland's oldest stout, which dates back to 1792.

Lindsay's On Liberty 330 Liberty; located in the Prairie Building, across from the Peoria Civic Center. (309)497-3300.  Probably Peoria's best restaurant, featuring California cuisine designed by their in-house chef.  Expensive, but worth it.  Across from the Peoria Civic Center. (SM, ROD, PS)

Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon 4501 North Rockwood Dr. (309) 688-0400. Steaks, chicken, catfish set in a Texas-style ambiance. Most Lone Stars have outside and inside cafe seating. (RF)

One World Cafe / Coffee 1245 W. Main St. (309) 672-1522.  A student-oriented coffee house that has grown into a fairly ambitious enterprise.  Interesting sandwich/salad menu and good desserts.  A bit smokey, so go when Bradley is not in session if you prefer. (MS)

Outback Steakhouse 2601 West Lake St. (309) 686-1810.  See description in Quad Cities listing. (RF)

Panera Bread 2601 West Lake Ave. (309) 682-3300. See description in Quad Cities listing. (RF)

Paparazzi 4315 North Voss Street, Peoria Heights (309) 682-5205. The owners do all the cooking, prep work, hosting, etc. The cuisine is all Italian and the prices are phenomenal for the area. They also offer a nice reserve wine selection and after dinner liqueurs. It's a non-smoking facility tucked away in an industrial park off of Prospect Avenue. Reservations recommended on weekends. Closed Sunday/Monday. (MD, RF)

John S Rhodell Brewery Inc., 619 Southwest Water St. (309) 674-7267. Microbrewery where 8 beers that rotate are brewed within the restaurant. Good lunch and dinner menu of sandwiches and American dinners. (RF)

Rhythm Kitchen Music Cafe, 305 SW Water St. (309-676-9668).  An all-around "cool" bar and eatery.  Very artsy itself, and located amidst art galleries, with live music and weekly open stage.  If you're too cultured for central Illinois, this is your place (though it's not as snobbish as this description implies). (SM)

Rizzi's, 112 State St. (309) 689-2500; also 4613 North Sheridan Rd. (309) 689-0025. Reservations needed. (PS)

Sizzling India Cafe, 1209 W Main St. (near Bradley) (309) 637-2700.  Best Indian cuisine in central Illinois.  Features an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections with seafood, chicken and lamb, but no pork or beef. An extensive list of breads ranging from naan to onion kulcha.  Nice atmosphere. (PS, SM) 

Sushi Popo in the Metro Centre, 4700 N. University (309) 683-3288 (MB)

Szechwan Garden Chinese Restaurant, 816 West Pioneer Parkway (309) 692-0900. Spicy hot Chinese food. (RF)

Taste of Thai, 1301 W. Pioneer Parkway (309-692-8837). Extensive menu, reasonable prices, and they feature a lunch buffet.  Reservations recommended (at least on Saturday night). (PG, SM)

Timbers Steakhouse, 5605 South Adams St. (309) 697-2500. Steaks, chicken served in a rustic ambiance. (RF)

Wine Country, 4600 N. Prospect Road, Peoria Heights (309) 686-0234. A great place to buy wine and gourmet foods. (MS, PS)

and one non-restaurant:  In Play.   316 SW Washington St. (309-676-1000).  Two story video arcade one block from the riverfront.  Includes rock climbing wall, a full bar, and the best video games anywhere.  Kid friendly in the day, mostly adults at night.  Attached to Maxim restaurant. (SM)


Alexander's Steak House,1503 E College Ave, Normal (309) 454-7300. The best of steak houses in the area. They allow you to select your meat, and you can even grill it yourself if you want. (RF)

Valentino's Ristorante, 401 N Veterans Pkwy, Bloomington (309) 662-4363. Italian food at its best. (RF)


The Palm Cafe, 101 East Elm St. (309) 647-2233). Great steaks, seafood and martinis. The owners have remodeled the first floor of an old hotel. The menu changes daily and local produce is used when available. Comparable to Chez Willy's but with a wider ranging menu. (ROD, RT)


The Jubilee Cafe, Interstate 74, Exit 82 (309) 691-7778. Home cooking, great home baked pies. (ROD)


Home of the University of Iowa Check out the web site "Dining out in the Iowa City/Coralville Area" at (If you follow the links to other businesses, you can find Asian grocery stores, co-ops, etc.)

Linn Street Cafe, 121 Linn St., (319-337-7370), open 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Monthly cooking classes. Fine dining. All major credit cards accepted. (Lane Sunderland says, "Don't miss the smoked trout appetizer.")

The Kitchen,215 E. Washington St. (319-358-1742). Jane Stangl and I agree that the food is excellent. 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily. Reservations accepted. (NA)

Masala Indian Vegetarian Cuisine, 9 South Dubuque, (319-338-6199). This is a superb restaurant. 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Friday; 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Saturday. Credit cards accepted. (NA)

Great Midwestern Icecream Co., (around the corner from Masala). As its name indicates, the specialty here is ice cream, with approximately 32 flavors to choose from. The most popular flavor? Chocolate chip cookie dough reigns supreme. (Personally, I recommend the Coffee-Toffee-Fudge.) As for the soup, Great Mid features about a half a dozen soups daily, all vegetarian and some vegan. From basic favorites like minestrone to the more exotic Gobi Mataar, you are likely to find something to suit your palate at Great Mid when your mood calls for soup. (NA)


Augie's Front Burner, 109 S. Fifth St. (217) 544-6979 (West side of Old Capitol Square). (ROD)

Cafe Brio, 524 E. Monroe (217) 544-0574 (a block south of Old Capitol Square). (ROD)

The Magic Kitchen, Peoria Road north of the fairgrounds. Rick Nahm's favorite Thai place, reputed to be better than anything in Chicago; BYOB. (217) 525-2230

Maldaner's, 222 South 6th St. (217) 522-4313 (ROD)

Sebastian's, 221 S. Fifth St. Perhaps the best restaurant within 150 miles of Galesburg. Sort of French, but multi-cultural. Small. Entrees are $10-$22. (217) 789-8988 (ROD)


Home of University of Illinois, check out the following dining guide on the web:


Chicago is a great restaurant town.  Listed below are a few places to begin.  A convenient guide for further food explorations is the annual Zagat survey of Chicago restaurants, available in many Chicago bookstores.  The dollar amount given for each restaurant below is the 2003/04 Zagat estimate of the price of a dinner with one drink and tip.  Another source of recommendations is the Chicago magazine, available at any Chicago newstand.  For further information on Chicago, see Appendix G.

A La Turka, 3134 N. Lincoln (773-935-6101). Great Turkish food. BYOB. (PG) ($22)

The Berghoff, 17 W. Adams St., right in the Loop (312-427-3170). German. It's the food of my youth. I love this place. (MS & RD) ($22) (This restaurant is scheduled to close in February 2006. May this not come to pass!)

Brasserie Jo, 59 W. Hubbard St. (312) 595-0800. Very good Alsace restaurant close to the loop. Great chocolate mousse. (MS) ($35)

Cafe BaBaReeba!, 2024 N. Halsted St. (773) 935-5000. Great Lincoln Park tapas bar, with excellent sangria. (PG) ($27)

Coco Pazzo, 300 W. Hubbard (312-836-0900). Expensive, sophisticated, delicious Tuscan cuisine in a beautiful space. Prices for special occasions only. (PG) ($42)

Coco Pazzo Cafe, 636 N. St. Clair at the corner of Ontario, connected to the Red Roof Inn at 162 E. Ontario. Moderately priced cousin of Coco Pazzo. (PG) ($33)

Cyrano's Bistrot & Wine Ba
546 N. Wells, (312-467-0546).  Excellent French food, moderately priced.  (PG) ($34)

Duke of Perth, 2913 N. Clark St (773-477-1741). Scottish. Good, all-you-can-eat fish-n-chips on Friday nights. (MS) (And the Zagat guide mentions that it has the city's best selection of scotch, a good beer list, and cider too.) ($17)

Emilio's Tapas Bar, 4100 W. Roosevelt Rd., in Hillside (708-547-7177) and 444 W. Fullerton Ave., at Clark St. (773-327-5100) and 215 E. Ohio (312) 467-7177; the Hillside restaurant is best. Respectable tapas. Cheaper and better than the well-known Cafe BaBaReeba. (MS) ($27)

Frontera Grill, 445 N. Clark St. (312-661-1434) Southwest/Mexican regional. Along with Topolobampo (with which it shares an address and kitchen), Chicago's most popular restaurant(s). No reservations; expect to wait. Less expensive than Topolobampo . (MS & ROD, who also notes that they have good margueritas.) ($34)

Gaylord India, 678 N. Clark St. (312-664-1700). Indian food, near the Newberry Library. For other Indian restaurants, cruise the Indian neighborhood on the north side, about 2500-2700 W. Devon Ave. (PG) ($23)

Klay Oven, 414 N. Orleans (312) 527-3999.  Indian food in the River North Area. (MS) ($27)

La Cantina, 71 W. Monroe St. (312) 332-7005).  One of the three restaurants in the "Italian Village." ($29)

Le Bouchon, (1958 N. Damen, in Bucktown) (773-862-6600). The best French bistro I've tried in Chicago. Don't go without a reservation. (MS) ($35)

Le Français, 269 S. Milwaukee Ave., in Wheeling (847-541-7470). Well, I've never been here, but it's supposed to be the best restaurant (French) in the Chicago area. I had a friend once who went and loved it. I'm just not sure I would judge any meal worth this amount of money, but if you feel like a huge splurge, you might try it out. (PG) ($75)

Mama Desta's Red Sea, 3216 N. Clark St. (773-935-7561). Good Ethiopian food, in an un- fancy setting. Lots of vegetarian choices. (PG) ($18)

Matsuya, 3469 N. Clark (corner Sheffield, near Wrigley Field, home of the Cubs) (773-248- 2677). The best inexpensive Japanese place in town. (MS) ($22)

Miller's Pub, 134 S. Wabash (312-645-5377). Excellent ribs. (ROD) ($24)

The Nile, 1611 E. 55th St. (312-324-9499), in Hyde Park. Reliable Middle Eastern food. Try the fattah with chopped lamb. (MS)

Papa Milano, 951 N. State St. (312-787-3710). A no-frills Italian restaurant near the Newberry Library. Not northern Italian, so lots of tomato sauce. Plain but good food. (PG) ($23)

Parthenon, 314 S. Halsted St. (312-726-2407). Best of the inexpensive Greek places, "authentic" atmosphere. (MS) ($25)

Phoenix,  2131 S Archer Ave (at Wentworth)., 2nd fl. (312-328-0848). One of many good restaurants in Chinatown. Currently the top rated dim sum in Chicago. Very popular and quite respectable quality. (MS) ($23)

Reza's, 432 W. Ontario (312-664-4500) and 5255 N. Clark St. (773-561-1898). Persian. Good food, big servings, reasonably priced, nice atmosphere. They deliver, too. (PG) ($22)

Russian Tea Time, 77 E. Adams St. (312-360-0000). Super for lunch; just west of the Art Institute. (ROD) ($32 for dinner)

Ruth's Chris Steak House,
431 N. Dearborn St. (312-321-2725). Great steak, distinctive side dishes, and excellent desserts (PG) ($45)

The Saloon Steakhouse,
Seneca Hotel, 200 E. Chestnut (312-280-5454). Not quite as expensive as some of the other well-known Chicago steak houses. It was interesting to find out what aged beef is supposed to taste like, but I left $50 there just for the steak. (MS) ($41)

Thai 55, 1607 E. 55th St. (773-363-1779). Not worth going out of your way for, but if you're down at the University of Chicago or visiting Hyde Park anyway, it's a decent place to eat.  There are 2 or 3 other Thai restaurants within a block of this one. (PG) 

Topolobampo, 445 N. Clark St. (312-661-1434). Southwest/Mexican regional. Along with the Frontera Grill (with which it shares an address and kitchen), Chicago's most popular restaurant(s). Reservations essential; more expensive than Frontera Grill. (MS) ($50)

Vinci, 1732 N. Halsted (312-266-1199). Italian--one of the hotter Chicago restaurants these days. The food seemed to stand up to the hype. Not inexpensive. (MS) ($36)

Viceroy of India, 2520 W. Devon Ave. (773-743-4100) Good Indian food, in the heart of Chicago's Indian neighborhood. (PG) ($22)

West Town Tavern, 1329 West Chicago (312) 666-6175. Contemporary comfort food.  Excellent pot roast served with Pennsylvania Dutch black vinegar sauce.  Excellent wine list. (ROD)

Wishbone, 1001 W. Washington (west of Halsted St.) (312-850-2663). Eclectic; best breakfast in Chicago. Skip the other meals (MS) ($19)