Visiting speakers/performers Are you interested in bringing a visitor to campus? One of the benefits of a small campus is that you can bring people to campus without huge amounts of paperwork. The main task is convincing other people (who control funding sources) that this person/group has something to offer the community or some specific sectors of the community. Here are the people/committees to approach about funding support or sponsorship:

Cultural Events Committee The college's main funding source for lectures and concerts of all types. You'll find the name of the chair of the committee in the committee listing in the middle of the college directory.

Union Board This student-run group has sizable funding for a variety of events.

Clubs Many departments have clubs with modest budgets. (Whereas departments themselves generally do not have funding for speakers/performers.) Ask the chair of the relevant department if there's a club with funding, and then go the club president with a request. Other student organizations sometimes have more sizable budgets (e.g., International Club, SASS [Students Against Sexism in Society], ABLE [Allied Blacks for Liberty and Equality], etc.)

Dean of the College The dean has a discretionary fund, with money sometimes available for special events. The dean will also be able to tell you if there are any special endowment funds relevant to your proposed activity (e.g., Nixon Fund for Religious Life, the Fellowes Fund, Judaic Studies Endowment Funds, etc.)

Dean of Students Possible discretionary funds.

Material resources Do you have a need for material resources beyond what is available in your department budget (which your chair should share with you)? Draw up a brief proposal, get the endorsement of your department chair, and then ask the Dean. He may have discretionary funding available this year, he may be able to plan for future funding, or he may suggest possibilities for external funding (assuming he thinks the proposal is a good idea). Don't hesitate to ask! The worse thing that can happen is that the answer will be no.

Course enhancements Want to take your students on a field trip that wasn't budgeted in the department? Do you have a sudden opportunity to bring in a speaker for a class? Follow the same procedure as for "material resources" (above).