Sometimes change happens and the task is to adjust. But sometimes the institution needs a nudge. Any of us has our own pet peeves about "what really needs to change around here." The key to successful change, however, is to find those nodes around which a "critical mass" of faculty interested in the particular problem can be gathered. An initiating idea may come from one person, but if it's to have a chance of success it will have been bounced around, reshaped, perhaps rejected for a better one that arises in the discussion. If you're the only one who cares, it won't happen--even if you're right! So, if you want to make institutional change, you've got to be prepared to work with others. This is one way all your networking and committee service will pay off. When an issue arises that you care about, you'll know who you can turn to for collaboration--or at least for advice on who else to ask.