Internal funding The college has an established program to support faculty development. See Appendix D of the Faculty Handbook for a description of the Faculty Research and Travel Funds (what activities may be funded and how to apply). If you're uncertain as to whether or not what you're asking for is too much (or too little), ask for advice from someone who seems to have an active research program going in a field related to yours.

From time to time the college has special funding opportunities, where more detailed proposals for specific projects are solicited. (Examples in the past have included funding from the Joyce Foundation, the Lilly Foundation, and the Faculty Initiative Program.) Keep on the look out for announcements of such opportunities. The Dean posts current opportunities through e-mail notices.

External funding Sometimes the only (or best or additional) way to get the funding you seek is from an external source. Some ways to find out about possible funding sources:

Talk to other faculty at Knox and elsewhere who have received the kind of grant you might be looking for. Use graduate school connections to find folks. Ask the Dean and/or your department chair for the names of people here at Knox who have received major grants.

The Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations has a great deal of grants experience. He may be able to suggest funding sources. You can also ask him to comment on a draft of a proposal.

If you think there's a chance that your project is something that might interest a donor to the college, talk to the Dean. He works closely with the President in finding matches of donor interests with new college projects.